The Ultimate Guide to Hosting in Strata – NSW

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting in Strata - NSW

Living in a Tweed Heads / Northern NSW strata property can offer a unique and vibrant community experience, especially during festive seasons. Hosting gatherings, parties, and celebrations in strata residences can be a delightful experience for both residents and guests. However, it is essential to be considerate of your neighbours and follow New South Wales’ […]

The Role Of A Strata Manager- NSW

the role of a strata manager- nsw

The SSKB team of professional Strata Managers are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully implement strategies to deal with the day-to-day operations of a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation community.  Sometimes people get confused about the duties of a Strata Manager.  Each state in Australia has different legislative requirements and terminology […]

Help Guide for OC Insurance- NSW

a help guide about owners corporation insurance- nsw

Even considering obtaining an insurance policy is enough to give people a headache- let alone handling insurance for a multi-story apartment block.   Strata Insurance is a necessity for Owners Corporation it helps cover the property and common contents of the scheme. Typically, all lot owners in a scheme share the division of costs for strata […]

Capital Works Fund Forecast Common Q & A

Capitol Works Fund

What is a Capital Works Fund: An Owner’s Corporation’s Capital Works Fund (CWF) is effectively a deposit which exists to allow an OC to pay for repairs and maintenance of a building.    Who is the Capital works Fund Plan prepared by and how is it prepared? A quantity surveyor typically prepares the capitol works […]

6 Steps To Overcome Strata Disputes- NSW

Strata Dispute Resolution

It is inevitable that in strata living strata disputes will arise as everyone is different with their own values, interests and relationships. As a rule of thumb, the best way to resolve strata conflicts is through simple decision, good will and common sense between the parties. However sometimes it’s not that easy. In this article […]

5 Tips To Know Before Renovating Your Strata Apartment-NSW

Renovating in Strata

 So, you’re planning to renovate and transform your humble abode? Renovating your apartment in Strata requires a clear plan. Before you start, have you checked what approvals you need to carry out renovations to your Lot?  We understand Owners in Community titles schemes are not immune to the lure of improving the value of their […]

Your Role as a Lot Owner in an Owners Corporation – NSW

If you are new to living in an Owners Corporation, you may be wondering what your role as a Lot Owner involves.  The team at SSKB have broken down your responsibilities into 5 points:  Ensuring you are on the Strata Roll  Submitting a Motion Maintenance of Lots and Exclusive Use Common Property Paying Contributions Living […]