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Committee and Owner Resources

Committee and Owner Resources

Being a body corporate or an owners corporation committee member takes dedication and hard work. SSKB is here to assist in making your job easier by providing qualified and timely advice on strata management to help ensure all legislative requirements are met.

We can also help you on a wide range of matters to do with the smooth running of your community such as insurance, sinking fund/maintenance fund forecasts, accounting services and more.

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What does a committee do?

The committee is the executive arm of the body corporate.

The committee has the duty of putting into effect the lawful decisions of the body corporate (Body Corporate and Community Management Act Section 101).

It is a group charged with the decision-making power to deal with matters of lesser importance that confront a body corporate during the year.

Every body corporate must have a committee (Standard Module Section 7), unless a body corporate manager is engaged in place of the committee to carry out the executive functions. (Standard Module Section 58), (Body Corporate and Community Management Act Section 122).

The committee is elected yearly at the annual general meeting.

Every new Committee member at SSKB will receive a Committee Welcome Pack with information that will help guide all new committee members. This includes information outlining the role and function of the committee, how to nominate, eligibility, meetings, code of conduct, caretaking, records, online portal, code of conduct for managers, expenditure limits, financial statements and MORE!


New to the committee?

Congratulations on taking an active step to improve and empower your community. There is a lot to learn about the rights and responsibilities a body corporate and owners corporation has. As an SSKB client you will have received a Committee Welcome Pack with all of the information needed to get started.

We have put together a range of informative videos that we encourage you to check out!

Your SSKB community manager is there to guide you through the process.

SSKB will work closely with you every step of the way. In addition, there are useful fact sheets that will help you make informed decisions for your community.

To start, we recommend finding out more about the laws which govern your community. You can do this by visiting our legislation page which has useful links for Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian committee members.

Accessing the SSKB Portal

Owners and committee members will be required to create “User Accounts” rather than using the existing method of using their Ids and password.

When logging onto the Portal, owners and committee members will be requested to –

Select “Create”, enter their Login ID and password, select “Upgrade” and enter their email address which will be used as their future login and then create their own unique password.

New owners will be provided with an ID number and reference number initially to logon and then requested to create their user account.

Existing Login Ids and reference numbers will no longer be applicable once the new User Account has been set up.

Committee access to reports and documents will automatically be granted if the email address of their User Account matches the email address recorded in the Committee Records of the Body Corporate Roll. If the email address does not match a committee member can request Committee Access to allow additional Reports & Documents or advise SSKB of the correct email details.

Lot owners will have the ability to link multiple properties if they wish, or share their login with a co-owner and should refer to the website for further information using these features.

Body Corporate at the touch of a thumb!

Pay your levies, access information, digital forms (online nominations), online nominations instantly chat with our client solutions team, view minutes and more!

With the SSKB app you can access your information anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. We have been working hard in the background to make the lives of our committees and lot owners easier by designing an app for all your strata needs. We have invested in this innovation at no extra cost to our clients, because we truly believe in making a positive difference.

The SSKB Portal enables you to access your personal information using a password-protected login supplied to you upon the purchase of a lot within your community. If you require assistance with logging into the Portal, or need to have your login details re-sent, please click here to contact our Client Solutions team.

The SSKB Community Managers and Assistants will keep your body corporate records up-to-date so that you always have access to the most recent information available.

The SSKB Portal enables you to:

  • View and update your contact details
  • View your levy account history
  • Pay levies online by credit card
  • View Financial Statements for the current year
  • View Insurance details for the current policy held
  • View agendas for upcoming and minutes of past meetings

Body Corporate Your Way

We understand every Body Corporate has different needs and preferences. That is why we offer a complete and friction-less management solution. This includes digitised forms, online voting, virtual meetings, the SSKB app, digital nominations and more.

Download the SSKB App for all of your strata needs at the touch of a thumb

Insurance cover is imperative for strata communities across Australia and there can often be confusion as to what must be insured.

SSKB’s alignment with industry leaders, offers body corporate and owners corporation communities the best service available with competitive premiums, superior claims handling and expert insurance advice.

In most states of Australia, regulations state that the body corporate must, at least every 5 years, obtain a building valuation stating the full replacement value of the building or buildings.

SSKB clients have access to a wide range of insurance services through our preferred Brokers, Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers (formerly IAGB), Whitbread Insurance Brokers, Honan Insurance Group, Joe Vella Insurance Brokers and Collective Insurance Brokers. This allows SSKB’s communities to take advantage of a superior service, competitive premiums, superior claims handling and expert insurance advice. Through these Brokers, SSKB clients have access to a large number of insurers and ultimately, this can help to achieve a reduction in premiums.

Staff of Aviso EIA, Whitbread, Honan, CIB Collective Insurance Brokers and Joe Vella, are available to attend community meetings as well as provide face to face advice and assistance. In addition, our clients can liaise directly with these Brokers to obtain advice at their convenience.

Body corporate and owners corporation insurance, covers common property only and that this can vary depending on the scheme type and plans. For example, in Queensland, Standard Format Plans can require different insurance coverage to a Building Format Plan.

Owners will always need to carry their own insurance to cover the internal contents, carpets, curtains etc. and perhaps landlord insurance.  You need to confirm your body corporate/owners corporation scheme type to understand the insurance requirements for your scheme.

Refer below for further information from the above mentioned Brokers.

Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers visit or call 07 3630 1823.

Whitbread Insurance visit or call 1300 424 627.

Honan Insurance visit or call 07 31209805.

Joe Vella Insurance Brokers visit or call 07 40404444.

Collective Insurance Brokers visit or call 0283195684.

We understand every Body Corporate has different needs and preferences. That is why we offer a complete and friction-less management solution. This includes digitised forms, online voting, virtual meetings, the SSKB app, digital nominations and more.

To submit an incident report or insurance claim, please utiilise our interactive form below. Alternatively, click here for a downloadable form if you would like a PDF version. 


Under the Workers Compensation Laws, the PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) or responsible person is required to identify and assess hazards and implement control measures to minimise or eliminate risks to the health and safety of workers, self-employed persons and members of the public. Each building will need to regularly identify and assess hazards and risks and ensure the following are up to date for each building:

  • Fire and Evacuation/Emergency Management Plan
  • Asbestos Management Plan
  • Contractors’ Safe Work Method Statements
  • Contractors’ Site Facilities Schedule

Hazards and risks which may apply to the Committee can include pools, storage of hazardous material, slips, trips and falls. This will require bodies corporate to keep registers, discuss issues with tradespersons, have adequate training for risks and have adequate documents displayed advising of risks.

The body corporate committee will need to discuss these issues on a regular basis and in some cases consider engaging a professional company to inspect the building and complete a safety or compliance report. The report should identify any potential hazards within the property and apply a risk assessment management plan and control measures for each.

The report should also identify whether the required reports and plans, such as the emergency evacuation plan, are available onsite or are accessible to the relevant persons.

How do bodies corporate keep compliant?

Under the duty of care obligations, a PCBU must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of all workers and contractors onsite.

It also recommended that a policy for Workers Compensation be considered to ensure that where the body corporate mat fall into the PCBU category that the Body Corporate is covered for Workers Compensation. Further information on bodies corporate and workers compensation is available at

Please click the appropriate links below to view the current Term Deposit rates.

Please click the above link to view current interest rates.

Please click the above link to view current interest rates offered by various banks available through AMM.

Institution Requirement MBL Certified BBL Certified AMM Certified SUNCORP Certified QBANK Certified
Application form/online application
SSKB Administration Agreement
SSKB authorised staff to execute SSKB agreement
Land Title Registration/Titles search
CMS or equivalent
Confirmation property comprises of 4 or more tenancies
Meeting minutes
ID of controlling committee member
Personal details of other executive committee members
Copy of rates/utilities notice
To ensure quality and consistency in our processes, SSKB have adopted a range of policies and procedures for its day to day operations in the services that we offer our clients. These procedures and policies are formulated with the following in mind:
  • Best practice
  • Compliance with legislative and other requirements
  • Guidance for our staff in the standards that SSKB adhere to, and
  • Most importantly transparency for our clients

These policies may change from time to time in line with legislative requirements and changes in best practice techniques. Any updates will be available for download from this section of the website.

Strata title communities are governed by different rules in each state and territory of Australia.


SSKB Community Managers are experts in the legislation that affects your body corporate and owners corporation community.

In addition to the information below, if you have any questions about your body corporate or owners corporation community, contact our friendly and expert team.

Even if your community is not with SSKB, we can assist you. Contact us here and experience the SSKB difference.



NSW Strata Schemes are governed by Office of Fair Trading


Victorian Owners Corporations are governed by Consumer Affairs Victoria – Owners Corporations

Why Paperless Is Best



Nothing could be more simple than making the switch to paperless. Just fill in the form above to confirm your details and your e-mail address and you’re done.

And going paperless simply makes sense. Receive your levy/fee notice direct and conveniently to your e-mail in-box. Never miss an important notice relating to your community when you access e-mail across all your mobile devices.


Paperless delivery of notices is safe and secure.You can help reduce the risk of identity fraud by reducing the number of mail items coming into unsecured mailboxes which can be a target for theft – only you have access to your e-mail account.

Put an end to lost paperwork! Reduce the anxiety of lost or missing notifications by going paperless.You can access your levy/fee notices time and again from your e-mail account.

In addition, you can also securely log into your SSKB Portal and check all your details and your account history.


With the postal delivery no longer being as fast as it used to be, going paperless means receiving contribution notices within minutes of issue – not up to a week later. Payments can also be made quickly and conveniently through StrataPay, DEFT, BPay and Credit Card. Click here to find out more. Never miss out on learning important news. Receiving important notifications through the convenience of e-mail means knowing what is happening in your strata community straight away.


Did you know that every tonne of paper recycled saves almost 13 trees, 4,100 kilowatts of electricity and more than 30,000 litres (7,900 gallons) of water?

Did you know that only 8% of paper is recycled in Australia compared with 51% in the United States, 73% in New Zealand and 85% in Switzerland?

We’ve estimated that 45kg of paper a year would be saved if only one-third of our community elected to receive their contribution notices electronically – and this doesn’t take into account the paper saved by receiving minutes and meeting notifications by e-mail.

You can help by going paperless at home and only printing out things you really need.

Going paperless with SSKB not only saves trees (by reducing paper usage), but it also reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating transportation of your notifications.


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