Your Role as a Lot Owner in an Owners Corporation – NSW

Your Role as a Lot Owner in an Owners Corporation – NSW

If you are new to living in an Owners Corporation, you may be wondering what your role as a Lot Owner involves. 

The team at SSKB have broken down your responsibilities into 5 points: 

  • Ensuring you are on the Strata Roll 
  • Submitting a Motion
  • Maintenance of Lots and Exclusive Use Common Property
  • Paying Contributions
  • Living Together and Abiding by the By-Laws  

1. Ensuring you are on the Strata Roll

The first step to being involved in the affairs of your Owners Corporation is to ensure the strata roll has your name and contact details.

New Owners and Landlords are required to give relevant details to the Secretary/Strata Manager within 14 days of change of ownership.

2. Submitting a Motion

The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 – Schedule One states: 

  • Any owner, or any person entitled to vote at a general meeting of an Owners Corporation, may require a motion to be included in the agenda of the next general meeting of the Owners Corporation. 
  • The requirement is to be made by written notice given to the secretary of the Owners Corporation that:
    Sets out the required motion, and
    – States the name of the person making the requirement, and
    – Includes an explanation of the motion of not more than 300 words in length.  

3. Maintenance of Lots and Exclusive Use Common Property

Owners should understand their responsibility for maintaining certain parts of the scheme. To check who is responsible, a good place to start is to look at your strata plan and by-laws.  It is important to note that the responsibilities below may vary on a case-by-case basis. 

4. Paying Contributions

Owners are required to pay contributions to the Owners Corporation, you may have heard these contributions referred to as ‘levies’.

These contributions pay for things such as: 

  • Maintenance and repairs to the building/s and common property 
  • Insurance 
  • Administration costs including management fees, insurance, work costs etc. 
  • Utilities to any common areas including electricity to run elevators or lights etc.

Payment of your Contributions
For your convenience, SSKB provides several payment methods for your contributions. Please refer to the bottom of your contributions notice for payment options. You can also pay online or via the SSKB app. Download the app or go to the SSKB Portal at and log in.

5. Living Together

The behavior of Owners and Occupiers in Strata schemes is regulated by the general law. However, each Scheme has some specific regulations for behavior.

By-Laws – The Rules Regulating Behaviour

All residents living in your strata scheme must follow the by-laws.

By-laws may cover things such as approval needed to keep a pet, where you can hang washing, and parking restrictions etc.

If you would like further information about your role as a Lot Owner or if you have any queries specific to your scheme, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Owners Corporation Manager.

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