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StrataSure is our principles of business that drive our people, systems and processes to give assurance to our clients that every detail matters.

Client Experience

Our promise is to pursue excellence and to deliver a solutions based service which makes a positive difference to our clients. We achieve this through open channels of communication and a service driven team with the dedicated resources to listen, engage and respond.


We seek to develop a life-long relationship with our clients, building trust by acting with integrity, honesty and courtesy, and providing a timely and responsive service to our clients.

Education & Guidance

By working closely with our committees for our owners, we endeavour to always be proactive in client education and guidance. This is achieved by our internal and external communications, comprehensive staff training programs and knowledge sharing.

Compliance & Governance

We engage in and own a position of ‘every detail matters.’ We undertake due diligence in the relevant state and national legislation with which we, our clients and our stakeholders must comply. We regulate and accomplish this through a robust system of internal processes and protocols.

Systems & Processes

We use industry leading software and strive to be the best in our field by implementing efficiencies without compromising service, quality, accuracy or compliance. We seek to achieve this by constantly reviewing, updating and improving strategies, systems and quality processes.

Quality & Commitment

We invest in the recruitment and retention of quality people with a strong focus on continual professional development. We actively promote cross-departmental collaboration to deliver expertise and a well rounded service offering.


We empower our teams to deliver outstanding client service and to be accountable for their actions. We will make sure every detail matters, provide valuable insight and supply information in a clear and timely manner.


Our approach to strata management is bound by honesty and a strong set of principles. We act in our clients’ best interests with diligence and transparency for understanding and accountability.

Continuous Improvement

Our goal is to continually evolve to better our offering and to be adaptable and responsive to change. Our infrastructure supports us to continually mould into the business that is right for our clients.

Ethical Stance

We aim to create a community of ethical business relationships where we contribute our values and services to give our clients reassurance of our abilities.


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