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The Role of A Body Corporate Manager?- QLD

The role of a body corporate manager

The SSKB team of professional Strata Managers are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully implement strategies to deal with the day-to-day operations of a Body Corporate Community. Sometimes people get confused about the duties of a Strata Manager. Each state in Australia has different legislative requirements and terminology resulting in many […]

An Introduction to Body Corporate – QLD

If you have recently moved into a Body Corporate and the Body Corporate Management team listed is SSKB, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are the managers of your Body Corporate. Our role is to make your Body Corporate experience as frictionless as possible. Click here to find out what your roles and obligations […]

The Purpose of the Body Corporate – QLD

When first purchasing in a Body Corporate, many questions arise. Who is the Body Corporate, what is the purpose of the Body Corporate, how is the Body Corporate financed, how does the Body Corporate make decisions and more!    SSKB Community Manager and Team Leader stated, “For any new owner, I would stress the importance of […]