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An Introduction to Body Corporate – QLD

An Introduction to Body Corporate – QLD

If you have recently moved into a Body Corporate and the Body Corporate Management team listed is SSKB, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are the managers of your Body Corporate. Our role is to make your Body Corporate experience as frictionless as possible. Click here to find out what your roles and obligations are as a Lot Owner.  In this article we will walk you through an introduction to Body Corporate.

The Body Corporate is where the Owners come together to make the decisions for your scheme. The team at SSKB are here to help you participate. We have built the SSKB App to make it easy for you.  

The team at SSKB is dedicated to supporting Owners to make the best decisions possible, and to provide a frictionless service so that owning and living in your community is as easy as possible. 

We do this in 3 ways: 

  1. We employ great people, and we provide them with the highest levels of training. 
  2. We challenge ourselves to constantly be innovating in the way we provide our service to you. 
  3. We have processes that make the complex world of Body Corporate easy. 

If you are new to a Body Corporate, the terminology and roles of a Body Corporate are often unfamiliar. To assist, we have shared some Body Corporate frequently asked questions. 

What is a Body Corporate?

A Body Corporate is a legal entity created when land is subdivided and registered to establish a community title scheme.

What is the purpose of a Body Corporate?

A Body Corporate exists to manage the mutual interest of all Owners as well as to deal with any issues that may fall into these two categories:
1. Physical property issues including gardens, common building structures and shared assets such as recreational clubs and tennis courts.
2. Issues relating to people living together. When people live together concerns may arise regarding behaviour, noise, and parking, as well as many other matters where the actions of one particular occupier may impact on other residents.

Legislatively Bodies Corporate perform a limited purpose, however they must:
• Administer the Common Property and the Body Corporate assets for the benefit of the Owners of lots included in the scheme.
• Maintain Common Property to the extent that it is in structurally sound condition.
• Enforce the community management statement (including by-laws affecting the Common Property).
• Carry out other functions given to the Body Corporate under legislation

How does the Body Corporate make decisions?

Decisions are made by Owners in two ways:
• At a meeting of all the Owners (an annual general meeting)
• At a meeting of the Committee (which is elected by the Body Corporate at an annual general meeting)

No individual acting in isolation can make a decision on behalf of the Body Corporate and all Lot Owners have the opportunity to become involved in the running of the Body Corporate by nominating for the Body Corporate Committee. The Committee must put into effect the lawful decisions of the Body Corporate and is elected yearly at the annual general meeting. Once elected, the Committee is charged with decision-making power to deal with matters that confront a Body Corporate during the year.

Committee meeting

How to make a difference in your Body Corporate

We encourage Owners to participate in Body Corporate life. You can get involved in several ways by: 

  • Attending your general meetings and/or submitting a motion for consideration by all members. 
  • Putting forward your point of view on any of the motions under consideration at that time. 
  • Being actively involved in the decision-making process by voting on the motions and returning your voting papers by the due date. 
  • Participating in Committee election ballots 
  • Reading the minutes of your meetings 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the one guaranteed opportunity you have as an Owner to exercise your vote in the running of your community and to select the Committee representatives who will administer the scheme in which you have made a considerable investment. 

How is a Body Corporate financed?

Contributions (commonly referred to as levies) are collected from every Lot Owner of the Body Corporate and are pooled to maintain the community and common areas. The size and frequency of the contributions required to properly run the Body Corporate are decided by all Owners at the annual general meeting. There are two types of contributions set by the Body Corporate:

  •  The contributions to the administration fund
  •  The contributions to the sinking fund 

Payment of your contributions

For your convenience, SSKB provides several payment methods for your contributions. Please refer to the bottom of your contributions notice for payment options. You can also pay online or via the SSKB app. Download the app or go to the SSKB Portal at and log in. 

Body Corporate Roles 

Role of the Committee

The Committee is the “executive arm” and decision-making component of the Body Corporate.  

A Committee typically consists of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Ordinary Members. The Committee’s primary responsibilities are: 

  • Managing the day to day running of the Body Corporate 
  • Making decisions on behalf of the Body Corporate 
  • Putting the lawful decisions of the Body Corporate into place.
Role of the Body Corporate Committee
The Body Corporate Committee

The Committee is governed by a Code of Conduct that states each member must act honestly and fairly in performing their duties, and must act in the best interests of the Body Corporate. 

While the Body Corporate may engage a Body Corporate Manager to oversee the administrative requirements of the building, they are a non-voting member of the Committee and as such, do not have the right to vote on a Committee decision.

Role of SSKB 

As a Body Corporate Manager, SSKB is engaged to attend to the legislative requirements placed on a Body Corporate. SSKB’s role is primarily administrative and generally entails the following processes: 

  • Call, attend and record the AGM each year 
  • Prepare draft budgets and issue levy notices throughout the year 
  • Pay Body Corporate creditor invoices 
  • Generally maintain the rolls and registers of the Body Corporate, including Owners’ details 
  • Effect the Common Property insurance 
  • Issue contravention notices upon instruction from the Committee 
  • Provide general advice and guidance to Committee members and Lot Owners on matters relating to their Body Corporate. 

While all of the above tasks are required of SSKB, all decisions relating to Body Corporate matters are made by the Committee, and we are unable to act without instruction from the Committee. 

The SSKB App features
The SSKB App features

The SSKB app and Portal  

At SSKB, we have been working hard to make the lives of our Committees and Lot Owners easier by designing an app for you and all of your Body Corporate needs. 

What can the app do? 

  • Access and complete forms (such as pet applications) quickly and efficiently. 
  • Access and submit documents. 
  • Receive levy and meeting reminders. 
  • Committee group chat.  
  • Connect and chat instantly with our Owners help centre. 
  • Electronic VOC’s and more! 

At SSKB we strive to make a positive difference for our clients, and complete transparency is a big part of that. This is why we offer both the app and the customisable SSKB portal. Access different levels of information and documents anywhere in the world on any device. 

SSKB Initiatives for your Community  

Client Solutions

Our Client Solutions team consists of experienced staff dedicated to assisting you with all enquiries. This team offers a one stop shop for information regarding your community. 

They deliver quality and consistent responses, ensure customer satisfaction, and operate on a one-call resolution basis. The team works to ensure all your needs are met quickly, professionally and with the utmost importance they deserve. 

If our Client Solutions team is unable to assist, they will ensure you are transferred to the right person or department who will be able to manage your enquiry promptly and efficiently. If you need information as a new Owner, or require any further assistance, we welcome your call. 

Levy Management Team

SSKB have a team specialising in the management of overdue contributions. The team works with the Body Corporate Committee and Lot Owners to ensure that overdue contributions are paid in a timely manner and that Lot Owners are aware of the processes and procedures in relation to late payments. 

These processes include a regular review of Lot Owner accounts to assist the Committee in maintaining cash flow for your Body Corporate.  


At SSKB we are always looking for ways to improve our service to you. In order to meet your needs, we want to hear from you. Please send your feedback to 

SSKB Newsletter and Resources

We produce fortnightly newsletters with regular and informative content on the latest Body Corporate news and tips.  

SSKB Paperless

Receive contribution notices and meeting documentation to your inbox saving you the hassle of misplacing paperwork, forgetting your levy payment, or losing track of when it’s due. 

Key Contact Details

All Owners will have access to our Client Solutions Team via multiple channels: 

T: (07) 3010 5555
Or start a Live Chat with the team at 

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