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Who Pays for Repairs and Maintenance of Owners Corporation Property: VIC

Who pays for repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation property

Who Pays for Repairs and Maintenance of Owners Corporation Property: VIC

Farewell to confusion—presenting your quick reference guide. Outlining who pays for repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation property. Detailing the people accountable for covering repair and maintenance expenses within an Owners Corporation. 

When it comes to communal living, the Owners Corporation shoulders the responsibility for maintaining Common Property. While the individual Lot Owner usually takes on the upkeep of their specific lot. Outlined in Owners Corporations Act 2006, lot owners must maintain their lot to a state of ‘good and serviceable repair’.  

Despite this apparent simplicity, complexities can arise due to the division of property and corresponding responsibilities. 

In the following article, we delve into the obligations of lot owners and Owners Corporation when it comes to financing maintenance and repairs. 

Common Property can generally be defined as an item in the building that 2 or more lots can use. For example, the lift in the building can be used by everyone and is therefore Common Property. A toilet in your apartment’s bathroom is only for use of the apartment and is therefore private and not Common Property. 

The areas of Common Property are defined in the Plan of Subdivision which should always be reviewed when making a call as to whom is responsible for repairs. 

Generally speaking however, the Owners Corporation can be Responsible for: 

  1. Outside of building including windows, structural walls, fittings, doors, balcony railings. 
  1. Foundations, roofs and guttering of the building  
  1. Garage doors and fittings (gears and springs) 
  1. Common area flooring (carpeting) and lighting 
  1. Boundary fences  

What are Lot Owners Responsible for:   

  1. Internal Walls of their home 
  1. Carpeting within their home 
  1. Internal wall fixtures and plumbing (including baths, showers, sinks and toilets) 
  1. Kitchen appliances  
  1. Painting 
  1. Pipes, cables, wiring, drains, and equipment like air conditioning, hot water systems that exclusively serve the Lot 

To summarise, Owners Corporation bears the responsibility for maintenance and repair matters pertaining to the building’s entire structure and as defined in the Plan of Subdivision. Conversely, the lot owner is accountable for the maintenance and upkeep of their individual unit’s internal space and services the exclusively connect to it. 

However, acknowledging that situations might not always be straightforward, seeking guidance from your strata manager is advisable in navigating any uncertainties or issues that may arise. By doing so there will be clear understanding of who pays for repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation property.

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