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What You Need to Know About Common Property in an Owners Corporation – NSW

What You Need to Know About Common Property in an Owners Corporation – NSW

Common Property is a term that you will hear a lot if you are living in an Owners Corporation. 

If you are unfamiliar with the term Common Property, let’s take a look at what it means. 

Common property is the property within the scheme that is not within any Owner’s lot. The Common Property may include gardens, passages, walls, stairwells, driveways, lifts, foyers and fences.  

Safety Rules for Owners Corporation Common Property

The Owners Corporation are responsible for ensuring the Common Property is kept safe and working. 

They must ensure all common areas are maintained, and state and local safety rules are followed.  

There are certain obligations strata schemes must comply with in New South Wales when it comes Common Property including: 

  • Certain windows must have a child safety lock. 
  • Every 3 years, pools and spas must be registered and inspected. 
  • Some strata schemes are required to obtain a yearly fire safety statement. 

Common Property

Exclusive use of Common Property  

While Common Property is owned and used by all residents in the scheme. However, an Owner may request personal use of a certain area of Common Property. 

If you wish to request personal use of Common Property, please contact your Owners Corporation Manager to assist.  

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