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SSKB can help you navigate the maze of insurance that governs body corporate and owners corporations

Insurance cover is imperative for strata communities across Australia and there can often be confusion as to what must be insured.

SSKB has partnered with the industry leaders to offer body corporate and owners corporation communities the best service available with competitive premiums, superior claims handling and expert insurance advice.

Queensland regulations state that the body corporate must, at least every 5 years, obtain a building valuation stating the full replacement value of the building or buildings.

In New South Wales, Section 85 of the Strata Schemes Act 1996, calls for a building valuation to be obtained at least once every five years.

Likewise in Victoria, regulations dictate that the owners corporation committee should obtain a valuation every five years as well.

SSKB clients have access to a wide range of insurance services through our partnerships with Insurance Aid General Brokers (IAGB) in Queensland and New South Wales; and Whitbread Insurance Brokers in Victoria. These partnerships allow SSKB’s communities to take advantage of a superior service, competitive premiums, superior claims handling and expert insurance advice. Through these insurers, SSKB clients have access to a large number of insurers and ultimately, this can help to achieve a reduction in premiums.

Staff of IAGB and Whitbread are available to attend community meetings as well as provide face to face advice and assistance. In addition, our clients can liaise directly with these insurers to obtain advice at their convenience.

For more information on Insurance Aid General Brokers visit or contact Andrew Hinz on 07 3630 1823.

For more information on Whitbread Insurance visit or call 1300 424 627.

Queensland and New South Wales IAGB Insurance Claim Procedure: