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At SSKB we continue to lead the way with digital innovation to make the lives of our committee members hassle-free.

About SSKB

Since 1995, SSKB has been the industry leader in strata management. Providing professional strata management services to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Victoria and New South Wales. We have a broad portfolio of schemes under management and pride ourselves on having the most experienced and skilled management team in the industry.

As a lot owner, you will have access to our expert Client Solutions Team who are on hand to deal with general enquiries. This team works on a “one call resolution” policy, aiming to resolve any issues on your first call to us. The team have a 94% rate of answering questions on the spot. By having our Client Solutions Team assisting lot owners, It allows our Community Managers and Assistants to be on hand to better deal with the requirements of the committee.

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At SSKB we want all of our clients to be ‘Strata Sure’ when it comes to their homes and investments. We’re continually striving to make a positive difference and we achieve this on a daily basis by guiding our communities through proven processes and strategies.

Our proven strategies achieve positive results and these are guided by the company’s mission statement:

“The SSKB team seeks to create the best community management company by making a positive difference to our strata communities”

We provide a wide range of strata related services and are affiliated with some of the best businesses in the industry to help make the entire process of being part of a body corporate or owners corporation as easy and seamless as possible for lot owners.


Managing your body corporate
or owners corporation

Consulting on the development of strata titled schemes
Strata consulting for communities and developers
Facility management & reports
Unique banking solutions
Utilities management & cost savings
Body corporate/owners corporation insurance

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SSKB Strata Managers is a national Strata Management company operating in 5 locations across Australia. We provide professional and expert Body Corporate services to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Owners Corporation services in Victoria and New South Wales.


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