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The Role of The Building Manager?-VIC

The Role of The Building Manager?-VIC

Building Managers are sometimes referred to as caretakers, facilities managers or resident managers. They are vital for managing the day-to-day operational management of the Strata building and facilities. Unlike Owners Corporation managers, building managers are often located onsite with a dedicated office.

The Building Managers role is quite different to a strata manager, as it involves coordinating the maintenance of common property.

Building Manager Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and oversee regular building maintenance and repairs
  • Manage and directing cleaning/security staff,
  • Preparing and carrying out emergency protocols and procedures,
  • Maintaining a safe environment for building occupants and visitors,
  • Negotiating and liaising with third-party service providers,
  • Conducting regular building inspections and preparing reports.
  • Ensuring facilities are in compliance with applicable policies, regulations and building codes

In Queensland and New South Wales building managers run a business that is commonly known as ‘management rights’ however in Victoria this isn’t the case.

Duration of building Manager’s Contract

There is no maximum duration of the Building Manager’s contract however they are commonly between 3 to 5 years.

Building Manager’s Role

The services provided by the Building Manager are specified in the agreement between the Building Manager and the Owners Corporation. Usually, the Building Manager will be responsible for duties such as maintaining the garden, mowing lawns, cleaning, lifts, lobbies, changing light bulbs, and overseeing refuse collection.

The Building Manger also plays an important role in confirming work has been done (to the standard required) by the other Owners Corporation contractors and service providers and authorising accounts as suitable for payment.

Building Manager’s Report to the Committee

The Building Manager’s report to the Committee is an important part of the Committee meeting. As the Building Manager is both the eyes and ears of the Owners Corporation on-site, it is essential for the Committee to be brought up to speed with cleaning, maintenance and compliance issues. This is done most effectively with a written report that is prepared by the Building Manager before the meeting and circulated with the notice of a meeting but can also be provided at the meeting.

Committees Working with their Building Manager

Often Committees and Building Managers need to temper their expectations of one another.
Every Building Manager has a different skill set, experiences, temperament, and goals and expectations for their time at your building. However, as a service contractor, the Committee has the right to anticipate the Building Manager’s performance of the duties outlined in the management agreement to meet a high commercial standard.

Top Tips for Building Managers Working with Committees:

  1. Make sure Building Managers consult widely with Lot Owners and Committee members before changing anything. Ask Owners for their advice and preference before implementing a new idea.
  2. Building Managers should take the time and effort to develop rapport and respect with Owners. Building relationships is crucial to ensure suggestions are welcome.
  3. Understanding Owners Corporation systems and legislation can be useful. Occupational Health and Safety obligations are very important and can have ramifications for breaching this.
  4. Efficiently complete tasks with utmost urgency. The Committee members highly prioritize speed and competence.
  5. Be patient with Committee members even if there is resentment or anger towards an issue.

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