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Help Guide for OC Insurance- NSW

a help guide about owners corporation insurance- nsw

Even considering obtaining an insurance policy is enough to give people a headache- let alone handling insurance for a multi-story apartment block.   Strata Insurance is a necessity for Owners Corporation it helps cover the property and common contents of the scheme. Typically, all lot owners in a scheme share the division of costs for strata […]

Help Guide About Owners Corporation Insurance- VIC

Owners Corporation insurance

Even considering an insurance policy is enough to give most people a headache – let alone handling insurance for a multi-storey apartment block.  In Victoria, Owners Corporations must ensure that they have insurance coverage for: a. common property b. public risk  c. every building which contains an owner’s lot (i.e. an apartment or a unit).  […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Strata Building for La Niña – VIC

A third-consecutive La Niña event has been forecasted for northern and eastern Australia, set to bring above average rainfall during spring and summer. Whether it’s heavy rain, lightning or hailstones it is coming our way. As a Lot Owner in an Owners Corporation, you need to be prepared to deal with unpredictable and extreme weather […]

A Guide to Owners Corporation Insurance – NSW

Owners Corporation Insurance can be complicated, leaving many Owners unclear about what the Owners Corporation responsibility is, what is covered by the Owners Corporation and what must be covered by individual Owners. In this article we will guide you through the different types of insurance and how they might apply to you.  What insurance is […]