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Ultimate Guide to Strata By-Laws- QLD

Strata By-laws qld

If you are a Resident or Owner of a strata property in Queensland, it is important to understand the strata by-laws that govern your building.  First, let’s take a closer look at what by-laws are!  Strata by-laws are a set of rules and regulations that are established by the Body Corporate of a strata scheme […]

Strata Parking Rules 101- QLD

Parking in Strata QLD

Struggling to find a place to park your car can be highly frustrating, particularly after a long day. However, living in strata adds a unique perspective to parking your car.   Parking is easily one of the most contentious issues within strata living, sparking a myriad of queries and complaints. These issues can vary from visitor […]

Body Corporate By-laws 101 – QLD

One of the primary functions of the Body Corporate is to regulate the use of the lots and Common Property within the scheme, for the benefit of all lot owners. The Body Corporate does this by establishing and enforcing by-laws. It is important that all parties involved understand their by-laws and the procedures and applications […]