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SSKB’s Top Tips for Creating a Thriving Strata Community

SSKB’s Top Tips for Creating a Thriving Strata Community

Strata living is becoming more and more common in Australia, with more than 1 in 10 Australians living in a strata community. With this many different people living in strata, it can sometimes be difficult to live harmoniously. This is why we have compiled our top tips for fostering a positive, thriving strata community.  


  1. Foster Community Engagement: Organise regular social events like barbeques or community clean up days to encourage the residents to get to know each other and feel more comfortable in their strata community. Creating interest-based groups such as gardening, book clubs, run clubs to bring likeminded people in the community together. This can be promoted on notice boards in the common areas or via newsletters.
  2. Effective Communication: This is key for a thriving strata community. It can help minimise misunderstandings, prevent conflict and lead to efficient issue-resolution. If you have an issue, you can speak to your neighbours about it in a respectful and empathetic way, rather than letting it fester.  Have clear, fair and well-communicated rules about use of common spaces to prevent disputes. 
  3. Transparent management: Hold open meetings and make minutes and financial reports accessible for all residents. This helps build trust within the community, as well as allowing owners to be well-informed about the committee’s decisions. 
  4. Proactive Maintenance: This is integral for ensuring your building doesn’t regress to a state of disrepair. Proactive maintenance involves doing regular inspections of common areas and facilities to identify issues and establishing a clear maintenance schedule. 
  5. Conflict Resolution: Work together with the committee and strata manager to resolve conflict amicably to achieve a harmonious living environment. Ensure there are clear and well-communicated rules for common areas and behaviours to prevent disputes. 
  6. Financial Management: Having good financial management in a strata community is vital to ensure there are adequate funds to contribute to the longevity of the property. 
  7. Safety and Security: Ensure that the necessary security measures such as CCTV, secure entry systems and adequate lighting in common areas are maintained. This will put residents at ease knowing that they are secure in their strata community. Ensure that all evacuation procedures and maintenance are up to date, so that in the case of emergencies, the community is prepared. 
  8. Inclusive Decision-Making: Surveying residents asking for feedback on community issues and suggested changes is one way to promote engagement. 
  9. Environmental Sustainability: Implement and encourage recycling and composting programs. This is a great way to get all ages of the community to participate together to improve the environment. Invest in energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems for common areas and review the cost efficiency yearly. This is an initiative that is both cost-efficient and energy efficient. 
  10. Professional Management: Hire the best! A professional strata management company to handle the day-to-day operations efficiently can make a significant positive impact on the community. A strata manager can support the committee and residents by providing ongoing education and advice on the best course of action to achieve a thriving strata community.  


If you have any further ideas of how to foster a thriving strata community, please discuss them with your community managers. Please see below more ideas on how to improve strata living.  


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