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Owners Corporations’ Responsibility to Maintain Common Property Security – NSW 

Maintaining Common Property Security - NSW

Owners Corporations’ Responsibility to Maintain Common Property Security – NSW 

With crime rates on the rise in many parts of Australia, it’s essential to prioritise security both at home and in the community. The surge in crime can be unsettling for many. This prompts us to think about what we can do to prevent our Communities falling victim. Let’s explore the Owners Corporations responsibility to maintain common property security in good working order.  

Defining Common Property Security 

Common property security encompasses various elements vital for residents’ safety. This includes gated access, surveillance systems, lighting, and maintenance of communal spaces. These features collectively contribute to creating a secure environment within the community. 

The Owner Corporations Responsibility 

The Owners Corporations holds a fundamental responsibility to maintain common property security. This obligation is typically outlined in governing documents and legislation governing communal living arrangements.  

Key aspects of the Owners Corporations responsibilities include: 

  • Routine Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of security infrastructure are imperative to ensure optimal functionality. This encompasses servicing surveillance cameras, repairing gates and fences, and addressing lighting issues promptly. 
  • Compliance with Regulations: Adherence to relevant laws and regulations governing security standards is paramount. This includes compliance with building codes, privacy laws concerning surveillance, and safety regulations for access control systems. 
  • Budget Allocation: Adequate budget allocation is essential to fund security-related expenses. The Owners Corporation must prioritise allocating funds for maintenance, upgrades, and necessary security enhancements to address emerging threats effectively. 
  • Collaboration with Residents: Engaging residents in matters about security fosters a sense of community ownership and cooperation. Consultation with residents regarding security concerns, feedback on existing measures, and participation in decision-making processes are vital for effective security management. 
  • Emergency Preparedness: Preparing for emergencies, such as natural disasters or security breaches, is crucial. Establishing emergency response protocols, communicating evacuation procedures, and providing residents with access to emergency contacts are essential components of proactive security planning. 

Legislation governing Owners Corporation such as strata title laws, typically outline specific requirements regarding common property security. Understanding these legal obligations is imperative for the effective management of security within the community. Additionally, liability considerations must be addressed to ensure the Owners Corporation is adequately protected from potential legal ramifications arising from security-related incidents. 

Maintaining common property security in good working order is a cornerstone of effective community management for Owners Corporations. By fulfilling their responsibilities to uphold security standards, Owners Corporations contribute to fostering a safe and secure living environment for residents. Through collaboration, compliance with regulations, and proactive maintenance efforts, Owners Corporations can fulfil their duty to safeguard residents’ well-being and property within the communal living setting. 

Owners Corporation bear the responsibility for security concerning legislation, regulations, and processes. However, it is crucial for all community members to promptly report security concerns or suspicious activities to the Building Manager as they arise. Effective communication throughout the strata community is key to safe and secure strata living.   

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the common property security in your building, contact your dedicated SSKB Strata Manager. 

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