Navigating the Rules and Regulations of Airbnb in Strata – VIC 

Navigating the Rules and Regulations of Airbnb in Strata - VIC 

Navigating the Rules and Regulations of Airbnb in Strata – VIC 

Airbnb has changed the travel and accommodation industry, allowing hosts to share their homes with guests from around the world. However, when it comes to Airbnb hosting within an Owners Corporation, there are specific rules and regulations property owners must be aware of. In this article, we will be navigating the rules and regulations of Airbnb in Strata – VIC. As well as explore the key aspects of these regulations. And also how they influence the Airbnb hosting experience within an Owners Corporation in Victoria. 

Understanding Owners Corporations in Victoria 

Owners Corporations in Melbourne and wider Victoria, play a crucial role in managing shared property ownership within multi-unit developments. They have their own unique set of Rules designed to maintain the quality of life and the integrity of the property. These regulations apply to both long-term residents. Alongside those interested in engaging in short-stay rentals through platforms like Airbnb. 

Essential Strata Rules and Regulations 

While specific Strata Rules and regulations can vary from one Owner Corporation to another, there are common themes that short-stay operators must be familiar with: 

  • Notification and Approval: Hosts might be required to notify Building Management when they have a new guest as some areas of the building may have restricted access that can only be granted to bona fide residents. This step ensures that there is control over who resides within the complex. 
  • Noise and Behavior Guidelines: There are usually rules in place regarding noise levels and expected behaviour for guests staying in short-stay rentals. Such rules apply to all residents. 
  • Common Area Usage: The use of common areas such as swimming pools, gyms, and parking spaces may be subject to specific rules, which hosts, and their guests must follow. 
  • Insurance Requirements: Hosts may be required to maintain appropriate insurance coverage, including public liability insurance, to cover potential damage or accidents linked to short-stay rental activities within their property. 
  • Security Measures: Some Owners Corporations may have security requirements in place for the safety of all residents. Hosts and guests are expected to follow these measures. 

The Consequences of Non-compliance 

Failure to adhere to the Owners Corporation rules can result in breach notices being issued to the owners and short-stay operator. Repeated violations may lead to legal action. Including orders for a period of prohibition on short-term rentals. To prevent these complications, it is essential for hosts to fully understand and adhere to the Rules of their specific Owners Corporation. 

Consulting with Management Committees 

For those who plan to host on Airbnb within an Owners Corporate. Establishing open communication with the management Committee is advised. These Committees can provide guidance on specific requirements and restrictions. Thus ensuring a smoother experience for all parties involved. 

Local Regulations 

In addition to Owners Corporation rules. It’s important to consider any local government regulations that may apply to short-term rentals in your area. Checking with the local council can help you stay compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. 


Airbnb hosting within Owners Corporate can be a rewarding experience. But navigating the rules and regulations of Airbnb in Strata – VIC can be challenging at times. By understanding and adhering to the Rules of your specific complex. Whilst maintaining open communication with the Committee and Building Management you can enjoy a successful Airbnb hosting experience. While respecting the rights and needs of other residents in the building. 

If you are thinking of hosting through Airbnb in your Victoria property, your SSKB Owners Corporation Manager can help you navigate any processes required. To find out more contact us here.

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