Ultimate Guide to Strata Rules- VIC

strata rules- vic

Ultimate Guide to Strata Rules- VIC

If you are a resident or owner of a strata property in Victoria, it is important to understand the strata rules that govern your building. 

First, let’s take a closer look at what rules are! 

Strata rules are established by the Owners Corporation of a strata scheme to manage and regulate the conduct and behavior of owners, residents, and visitors within the building. 

All strata schemes have a set of model rules that residents and visitors of the scheme must follow. The Owners Corporation determines the rules that best suit it, however there is a condition that rules must be reasonable. The rules may also be altered as required by a Special Resolution at a General Meeting. 

Here is a guide to strata rules in Victoria: 

1. Obtaining a Copy of the Rules:

The first step in understanding the strata rules in your building is to obtain a copy of the rules. This can be obtained from the Owners Corporation or your strata manager. The rules will outline the conditions that govern the use of common areas, the behavior of residents and visitors, and other issues such as pets, parking, and noise. 

2. Common Property:

The rules will specify the rights and responsibilities of owners and residents in relation to common property. It is important to understand your obligations in keeping common property clean and tidy and how to use these facilities in an appropriate manner. 

3. Behavior and Conduct:

The rules will outline the expected behavior of residents and visitors within the building. This may include rules regarding noise levels, smoking, and the use of communal facilities. It is important to adhere to these rules to maintain a harmonious living environment. 

4. Parking:

The rules may specify the rules regarding parking in the building. This includes the allocation of parking spaces, visitor parking, and any restrictions on parking on common property. It is important to adhere to these rules to avoid any unnecessary disputes with other residents. 

5. Breach of Rules:

If a resident breaches the rules, the Owners Corporation has the power to issue a breach notice to comply, which outlines the breach and the action required to rectify the situation. If the resident fails to comply with the notice, the Owners Corporation may take further action via the Dispute Resolution process or at the VCAT for legally enforceable orders. It is important to take any breach of rules seriously and work to rectify the situation promptly. 

In conclusion, understanding strata rules is an important aspect of living in a strata community in Victoria. Rules help to promote a safe and harmonious community and ensure that residents are aware of their rights and responsibilities.  

At SSKB, we passionately ensure residents know and adhere to by-laws, empowering a harmonious living environment. Trust us for a seamless, rule-abiding community experience!

If you have any questions or concerns about the strata rules in your building, you should contact your Owners Corporation or strata manager for further information. 

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