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Making Strata Living Simple With the SSKB App

Making Strata Living Simple With the SSKB App

At SSKB we understand that our committee members and lot owners have busy lives.  At SSKB we have a solution for you, we made strata living simple with the SSKB app giving you all of your strata needs at the swipe of a thumb.

What can committee members access on the app?

Many committee members think you need to access your committee documents via your PC, but what if you aren’t home? How will you access your documents on the run? Committee members can access all their Body Corporate / Owners Corporation needs at the swipe of a thumb with the SSKB app.

At SSKB we continue to lead the way with digital innovation to make the lives of our committee members easy. With SSKB, we value your time. Don’t waste it by scrolling through emails or searching through print outs.

Committee members can also view specific information such as meeting minutes and agendas.

How can you access documents and meeting minutes on the SSKB app?

Documents and meetings

We have also included an in-app messaging service where you can chat with your committee. This will enable your committee to communicate effectively and efficiently. 

We are the first Strata Management company to take a committee–first approach to our app. We took this approach as we wanted to make strata living as efficient as possible for our committee members. In-between lockdowns, working from home, family commitments, work and more, the last thing committee members want is to be scrolling through their emails, trying to track down the documents they need. With the SSKB app, everything you need can be found at the swipe of a thumb.” – Ross Hardcastle, Head of Strategy and Innovation.

What can lot owners access on the app?  

You can view your personal lot and levy information all from our app.

Forget the calendar! Turn on your notifications and never miss another levy reminder again.

Lot owners can also live chat with our Client Solutions Team with any questions or concerns.

If you would like to find out more about other functionalities of the SSKB app, click here to watch the SSKB app walkthrough video.

Make the switch to SSKB

At SSKB we continue to lead the way with digital innovation to make the lives of our committee members easy and build a positive difference in our communities. We are constantly striving for the most innovative ways to further improve your Body Corporate and Owners Corporation service and provide you with an effortless way to ensure that your investment is protected and runs as efficiently as possible.   

Switch to SSKB to make a positive difference in your community today!  

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