Gardening in Your Strata Property

Gardening in your strata property

Gardening in Your Strata Property

Plants are becoming more popular in Strata schemes as they offer the opportunity to improve the livability of urban spaces. 

With plants, herbs and gardens becoming more common in strata properties and being the start of Autumn there is no better time to ensure there is a plan in place for the maintenance of your properties garden. 

Who maintains the garden in a strata property?

Maintaining your strata property isn’t like maintaining a house, it’s not a small task you can do yourself on a Sunday afternoon. If you are part of the 2 million Australians who live in an apartment, the responsibility to maintain the gardens in your common property falls on the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation 

Common property may include all aspects of the gardening and other areas such as lawns, access roadways and swimming pools. In these instances, the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation can engage the services of professionals such as gardeners and pool cleaners to carry out the maintenance. Maintenance programs can be implemented to manage the up-keep of the community.  

If your scheme has a Caretaker, depending on the caretaking duties, the maintenance will either be arranged by the Caretaker or alternatively the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation will engage a professional to conduct these services.  

What happens if I live in a smaller scheme and want to do the gardening myself? 

In some smaller schemes, Body Corporate/Owners Corporation members may volunteer their own services. Naturally, professional services will involve some costs, and these and other financial matters must be considered by the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation at the annual general meeting. 

Did you know that maintaining your property can actually improve the value of your investment? 

If your common area gardens aren’t being maintained to a high standard, talk to your community manager. They will be able to point you in the right direction for maintenance plans, obtaining quotes and negotiating ongoing maintenance contracts. 

Improve the value of your investment by ensuring your strata gardens are well maintained.

To make the switch to a Strata company that will work with you to improve the value of your investment, click here to contact SSKB today. 

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