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Census – What your Body Corporate needs to know

Census - What your Body Corporate needs to know

Census – What your Body Corporate needs to know

Every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics counts every person and household in Australia. The Census form asks questions such as age, country of birth, religion, ancestry, language used at home, work and education.

The next Census is Tuesday 10 August 2021. Below we have shared some information for Bodies Corporate and what they need to know about Census.

Accommodation providers

The Census team states that they “will be working closely with managers of health care, holiday and other accommodation providers to ensure everyone is counted in the Census. We will ensure that our safety measures are in line with relevant advice from Health Departments.”

Census staff will be in touch with managers of these establishments to discuss working together to safely distribute forms to any residents.

The Census staff have the following steps in place to ensure the safety of managers and residents:

  • alternatives to face-to-face training will be offered
  • Census staff will follow the required COVID-19 hygiene and safety practices relevant to each establishment
  • options for no contact or limited contact with managers or residents will be available.

How will Census Field Managers gain access to your Body Corporate?

Census Field Managers deliver Census materials, to and collect Census materials from households for secure return to the ABS. Census Field Managers are also required to visit households which have been escalated for action and encourage the household to participate. Conduct assisted interviews with people who request help to complete their Census form.

Each Body Corporate is different and will have different preferences for how they will allow access to the building for Census Field Managers. Below are some ideas for your Committee to discuss:

  • If your Body Corporate has a Building Manager, speak to them about giving Census Field Managers access to the building (issue them with a swipe/fob, if applicable).
  • If you have a security contractor at your scheme, consider directing them to let the Census Field Managers into the building.
  • Place a sign on the entrance of your building with a number for Census staff to call to get let in to the building (this may be the building managers, security, or a volunteers name).

If you have any questions how Census will directly impact your scheme, please don’t hesitate to contact your Community Manager directly.

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