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4 Simple Steps to Changing Strata Managers- QLD

4 Simple Steps to Changing Strata Managers- QLD

Are you unhappy with your current Strata Manager? They aren’t meeting your expectations? Your complaints aren’t being heard? No one returns your calls and answers your emails?  

There are many reasons as to why you would switch your strata manager. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Strata Manager, you should consider switching your Body Corporate. Changing Strata Managers is easier than you think.  

At SSKB we are dedicated to supporting owners to make the best decisions possible and provide a professional management experience so that owning and living in your community is as easy as possible. A property is a huge investment, arguably the largest investment you will ever make. Why settle for a bad Strata Manager! 

It is important to make sure the right Strata Manager is appointed for each scheme. Many lot owners think changing is difficult when in fact, SSKB can make the process very easy for you.  

Below we have provided easy steps to change and help keep your investment safe.  


1.Check your Current Strata Management Agreement 

You will need to obtain a copy of your strata management contract. Ask your current strata manager for a copy of this agreement if you don’t already have a copy.   Check the exit details outlined in the contract. You must follow the notice period to leave the agreement and any special considerations outlined.  


2. Obtain a quote from SSKB 


Once you have decided to change strata managers you can contact us for a confidential discussion and obtain a quote for review. We can then assist and advise you with the formalities of exiting the current contract.  


3. Provide current strata manager with formal termination notice


3. Ask for required motions to be included in meeting agenda 


The Committee or Owners are then required to submit a motion to be included on the agenda at the next general meeting. Once the meeting has been held the motion will be passed if a majority of owners vote in favour and pass the ordinary resolution. 


4.Advise New Strata Manager of Appointment.  


Your Committee will then need to provide your newly appointed manager with the information for handover.  We will then organise the final handover and transfer of documents. SSKB will arrange a seamless handover of your building from your current manager. 

Remember this process should be in conjunction with the relevant legislation in QLD.  



We get to know your community using the below process to ensure there is no delay to your Community Management Service. 


  • SSKB obtains the records from the previous Manager. 
  • SSKB audits the documents handed over. 
  • Our expert team including our in-house accountants enter the information into our software system. 
  • A welcome pack is sent out giving all owners the information they need for a smooth transition. 
  • The Community Manager reviews the minutes of the AGM and previous Committee meetings. 
  • SSKB then has to audit the Committee documents and prepare records.
  • Your first SSKB Committee meeting is held, and communication protocols established. 


changing strata managers

It is a big decision when choosing your strata manager. If you have thought about changing but are unsure of the process SSKB can help. Click here for an obligation free consultation today. 






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