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6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Pet in Strata- VIC

Pets in Strata Living

6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Pet in Strata- VIC

So, you’re planning on purchasing a beautiful new pet. The idea of being able to live with a fury friend is an exciting prospect.  

Most Owners Corporation communities have rules which put specific conditions on animal visitors and residents. This is to enhance the enjoyment and occupation of those residents in the community and to ensure that your pet does not become a nuisance to anyone.  

No one wants to give up their pet but on the other hand, no one wants to live in a noisy, unruly Strata community.  

Below, we share with you 6 tips to consider for pet ownership in Strata living.  

6 Tips to consider for Pet Ownership in Strata Living: 

  1. Pet alone time: How long will your pet be left alone for in the day? How will your animal cope? How will you ensure your animal will feel settled and content when alone?  
  1. Pet outdoor space: Will your pet have access to outdoor space? If there is little to no space for your pet to exercise will this be an issue? If so, your pet will need to be taken out regularly to exercise.  
  1. Pets noise level: How will you ensure your animals’ noise e.g. bark, meow, chirping, whining, level is low to not disturb neighbours. What will your pet’s noise transfer be like? 
  1. Pet toiletry requirement: What are your pet’s toileting requirements? How will you keep your lot clean? How will you clean up after your animal in a way to not disturb Neighbours.  
  1. Pet living space requirement: Consider how much living space your pet needs. Different animals have different requirements for living space. Different breeds have different personalities and requirements for living space. 
  1. Be wary with your pet in common property areas. Keep your pet under control and minimize confrontation with other people and pets. 


As mentioned, each Strata scheme may have different rules regarding pets so you must ensure you read your own scheme’s rules. If you can’t find these rules, your Owners Corporation Manager will be able to provide this information.  


Renting with Pets in Strata 

VIC Legislation:  

  • Check out the legislation:,an%20order%20to%20refuse%20permission.


At SSKB, we’re dedicated to supporting you and your community to achieve the best possible outcome. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your Community Manager today.    



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