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5 Tips to Prepare Your Strata Building for La Niña – QLD 

flood damage

5 Tips to Prepare Your Strata Building for La Niña – QLD 

A third-consecutive La Niña event has been forecasted for northern and eastern Australia, set to bring above average rainfall during spring and summer. Whether it’s heavy rain, lightning or hailstones it is coming our way. We need to be prepared to deal with unpredictable and extreme weather conditions La Niña continues to bring. 

At SSKB, we work closely with Collective Insurance Brokers (CIB) so we can help you to determine exactly what coverage you require.  In our latest article, we share 5 top tips to help prepare your Strata or Community titled building for a storm, heavy rain and flooding. It will help to protect your property, and potentially save money on your future insurance premium.   

Be ready!   

1. Garden maintenance 

It will help protect your property from damage caused by falling trees or branches. Make sure all branches and large plants close to the building are trimmed back and well maintained.  

2. Gutter maintenance 

It’s crucial to keep your gutters and downpipes clear of rubbish and leaves so when it begins to rain the water can flow freely into the drain. This will ensure water won’t leak into your roof or damage external walls. Residents should also check the drains on their balconies. Balconies need to be clear. With very heavy and continuous rain the balcony could overflow and seep into the building.  

3. Driveways and car parks maintenance  

Make sure to monitor for any cracks or holes that could form in the asphalt. With heavy rain or flooding they could quickly get much worse and become a pothole. Once potholes form, they can quickly become a trip hazard.  

4. Roof maintenance 

Have a contractor check the roof for any damage or signs of deterioration regularly. Some key areas to look out for: 

  • Broken, cracked, or missing roof tiles 
  • Signs of moss/mold forming
  • Chimneys or vent coverings are in good condition
  • Solar panels are attached securely.  Don’t forget your surge protector

5. Check your level of insurance cover 

Having adequate cover under your buildings residential Strata insurance policy and understanding exclusions is so important. Insurers recommend Strata communities have a full building valuation at least every 3 years. Bodies Corporate will cover the costs of restoring the scheme to good and sound structural condition if the damage is not covered by insurance.  

What are the first steps you should take in an emergency? 

Flood damage or storm damage? Contact your broker or SSKB Community Manager to ask for advice, they will be able to assist you to lodge a claim for the damage. Once your claim is lodged, the insurance company will then allocate an assessor and or builder/contractor to come out, evaluate the damage and arrange for permanent repairs as soon as possible. 

Did you know? You can lodge an insurance claim via the SSKB app. Find out how to submit an insurance claim via the sskb app here.


Make sure you know who to contact in need of help. We’ve provided a list of emergency contacts for you below:

Police/Fire/ Ambulance: 000 for life threatening emergency situations 

SES: 132 500 for non-life-threatening emergency situations  

Red Cross: 1800 733 276  

Energex: 13 12 53 

Origin Energy: 13 24 61 

Stay informed with the latest Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather warnings:  

To access more information, please visit the resources below: 

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