3 Ways SSKB Has Digitally Innovated- VIC

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3 Ways SSKB Has Digitally Innovated- VIC

Technology can be such a powerful tool. Its capabilities are used to make things quicker, simpler, collaborative, and more accessible. It gives us the ability to connect with others anywhere in the world anytime. That is why SSKB are continually digitally innovating.  

At SSKB our purpose is to help to make the lives of our Committee Members as hassle-free and simple as possible. There is no reason why Strata Management needs to be so complicated and confusing.   

Over the past 3 years we have launched new digital innovations as part of our technology offerings to our clients. 

So, what are these digital innovations? 


At the end of 2020, we launched the SSKB App. This was essential in helping give our Committee Members back more time. When it comes down to it most committee members and lot owners have busy lives and are juggling many responsibilities. Our SSKB app is one way we help make strata life simple by giving you all your strata needs at the touch of a button in one location.  

“We are the first Strata Management company to take a committee–First approach to our app. We took this approach as we wanted to make strata living as efficient as possible for our committee members. In-between lockdowns, working from home, family commitments, work and more, the last thing committee members want is to be scrolling through their emails, trying to track down the documents they need. With the SSKB app, everything you need can be found at the swipe of a thumb.” – Ross Hardcastle, Head of Strategy and Innovation. 

You can easily download the app on your smart phone from the Apple or Google Play stores. 

Digital forms: 

SSKB also provides easy to use interactive forms on our website. To find your corresponding form just look under the state menu. You can e-sign, submit forms and submit payments online, saving you time, money and giving you convenient 24/7 access. You will receive an email confirmation including a copy of the form submitted.  

Our forms are divided into states to ensure there is no confusion for our clients.  

Click here to access our digital forms. 

Live Chat: 

Here at SSKB we understand the importance of providing a live chat, so you have a way to reach us at the exact moment you have a question or concern you need resolved.  

SSKB has adapted our client Solutions Team to better align with the busy lives of our lot owners. Our team will provide quick responses and helpful guidance to save your time.  

We are here to answer any question you may ever have regarding levies, certificate requests, maintenance queries, document and insurance requests or anything in between. We can send links to any forms you may require quickly and easily. Visit to try our new live chat function today.  


At SSKB, investing in technology and innovations to make a positive difference in the lives of our communities is integral. We continually strive for the most innovative ways to further improve your Owners Corporation Services. SSKB takes pride in protecting your investment and running it as effortlessly as possible. Click here to become hassle-free with SSKB.  



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