10 Point Health Check for Your Community

10 Point Health Check for Your Community

How healthy is your Strata community?  

Just like having a healthy diet and exercise in your personal life is important, maintaining a healthy Strata community is essential for the continued wellbeing of your investment.  

How well is your community managing? 

  1. Work Health and Safety: Is your Strata community meeting itsobligations under the revised legislation? At SSKB we understand that WHS is a key focus area and our subsidiary company Star BMS can provide detailed reports for your scheme.
  2. Insurance: Have you reviewed the terms of your Strata policy to ensure adequate protection for you and your fellow owners? Our insurance partners ensure that the appropriate cover is in place and source competitive terms.
  3. Sinking Fund: Has your sinking fund been assessed recently? Do you have enough saved for future capital expenses or are you going to have to burden owners with a special levy to meet your requirements? Our experienced Community Managers work with the Committee on preparing an appropriate budgetand keeping them informed of when to seek an updated forecast.
  4. Communication:  Are your Community Management team easy to contactSSKB offers various different contact channels, in order to cater to every client’s communication preference. Rest assured, you will always have a way to contact SSKB. If you are a Committee Member, you will have the direct phone and email details of both your Community Manager and Assistant Community Manager. You will also have a group chat feature in the SSKB app. All owners will have access to our Client Solutions Team via email, phone, live chat and through the SSKB app.
  5. Maintenance:  Is your scheme being maintained to a high standard?At SSKB our aim is to make a positive difference to the communities we manage and ensure the value of your investment is maintained. Our subsidiary company, Star BMS, offers a wide range of building management services (including maintenance plans, insurance valuations, health and safety and more). They also provide expert facilities management services.
  6. Community Management Team:  Is your Community Management team responding to your queries? You will have a dedicated Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager, Accountant, and a member of our Client Solutions and Accounts Payable team all servicing your Body Corporate.
  7. Advice:  Are you being provided with accurate and prompt advice for yourscheme? SSKB is made up of over 100 staff members, ranging from Executives, General Managers, Community Managers, Assistant Community Managers, Accountants, Customer Service and more.
  8. Arrears: Are your schemes contribution arrears managed quickly and professionally? Do you have many owners in arrears?  We are extremely effective in achieving a low percentage of outstanding levies. We provide a SMS levy reminder service to owners who provide a mobile phone number.
  9. Hassle-free Strata living: Are you experiencing hassle-freeStrata living? With the SSKB app you can pay your levies, access and update information and digital forms, instantly chat with our client solutions team, view minutes, access all documents and the committee group chat function and more.
  10. Financial Performance: Financial performance is important for all schemes big and small.At SSKB we undertake payment runs every day, ensuring your invoices are always paid on time with minimal interruptions by creditors. This is backed by an extremely experienced Accounts Payable team, that operate in conjunction with our online portal. All invoices are loaded and approved by the Committee nominee, ensuring complete transparency.  

At SSKB we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all things strata. If you are not a client of SSKB and would like to see how easy it is to make the switch, click here.   

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