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Your Role as an Owner

Your Role as an Owner

The four fundamental responsibilities of an owners may be categorized as follows.

An owner must-

  • Abide by the Body Corporate and Community management Act, the regulation module and the by-laws
  • Ensure their details are on the Body Corporate roll
  • Maintain their lot and any exclusive use common property
  • Pay Body Corporate contributions

As an Owner who is not a member of the Committee your avenue for participation in Body Corporate decision making is at general meetings. Participation is not compulsory; however, it is welcomed. Without a quorum of Owners, the Body Corporate is unable to hold a general meeting to make a decision. If you choose to participate you may attend the general meeting personally, by appointing a proxy, or by use of a voting paper.

If you choose to participate in Body Corporate life you may:

  • Submit a motion for consideration by all the members
  • Attend general meetings
  • Put forward your point of view on any of the motions under consideration at a general meeting
  • Vote on the motion

Make sure you are on the Body Corporate roll

The first step to being involved in the affairs of your Body Corporate is to ensure the body corporate has your name and contact details.

It is a statutory obligation that you inform your body corporate of your ownership of a lot in the scheme. Generally, your solicitor should advise SSKB that you have purchased a lot by submitting the official change of ownership form. Sometimes, however your legal advisor may inadvertently overlook the required notice. We recommend that your first action is to write to SSKB regarding your ownership details.

SSKB loves working with owners who are active and present in their strata community. Contact us by clicking here and make the switch to SSKB today.

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Amy On May 13, 2019 | Reply

How can I stop my car space to be relocated to the bottom level (level 0) with no lift access. I will have to take lift to level 3 then walk down the stairs to this car space.
We bought 2 units (side by side) on the top level of an apartment block with the promise that our car spaces to be on the same level. Before settlement it was agreed that we can have them together & that the strata plan will be amended at a later stage to reflect the change. Now after nearly 1 year, they have decided to relocate my car space to level 0 with no lift access.
I’m 73 years old my husband 76. We bought these units for our retirement. Moving my car space to a level with no lift access is going to be a huge problem for our old age.
What are our right?
Thanks Amy

    Emma Smith On May 15, 2019 | Reply

    Good morning Amy,

    The allocation & reallocation of exclusive use areas such as car parks within the first 12 months is generally covered within your contract of sale between you and the original owner. Any inconsistencies with your understanding of which car parks are to be yours should be discussed with your solicitor who acted for you during the settlement process and then addressed accordingly.

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