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Your body corporate: Opportunities and challenges for 2013

Body Corporate

By Tim Sheehan.

2013 – a new year and a new range of challenges and opportunities facing you and your body corporate, including a Federal Election.

Elections in State and Federal politics are generally about groups of people (political parties) with different philosophies. We are asked to make a choice as to which philosophy we, as voters, wish to support. The politicians try to entice us through the strength of their policies and leadership and we select the group we think will guide us through the turbulent times in the economy and international affairs.

Elections for a body corporate committee are not always as clear cut as a choice between opposing political parties. The alternative policies of candidates for your body corporate committee are often varied as naturally people place greater emphasis on different items that are important to them.

Leadership is also a difficult issue within a body corporate. Often candidates stand for election to your body corporate committee and they are unopposed, either through lack of interest from other owners or because people with interest are time poor with the pressures from work, family and life.

As owners of community property we should be grateful for the generous individuals who stick up their hand and agree to be on the committee. Your committee is made up of volunteers who give up their time for the benefit of all the participants in the community – the owners who live on site, the owners who offer their property for rent and the tenants.

Running a body corporate requires a large amount of routine statutory compliance as well as handling many procedural and administrative matters. The changes to the Work Health and Safety Laws are one example of how legislation recently made life more difficult for committee members. Many of our committee members have questioned whether there has been any benefit to the extra requirements and confusion which the legislation has caused. That is a question we will have to leave to the federal law makers.

To make the lives of committee members better, SSKB has implemented many administrative procedures which make complicated procedural and compliance issues invisible or such that they only require a minimal effort on behalf of your committee.  For instance, we have teams working on levy management and collection, BAS return preparation, financial statements, tax returns, roll management, document archiving and retrieval, and on-line information availability. We hope this all helps owners enjoy the benefits of their properties.

At SSKB we are dedicated to assisting our owners who volunteer to be on the committee. We view ourselves as the partners of the committee members, with a common goal of making a difference in the lives of lot owners and occupiers.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you throughout 2013. 

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