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Wishing You A Clutter-Free Christmas

Apartment living means reducing clutter, but one thing which tends to break the rule are the Christmas decorations.

Unlike many other possessions, Christmas decorations are often personal, and full of memories which invariably means everything ends up on the tree. But if you’re looking to pare down, we have some tips here. Tinsel and ornaments collected over the years invariably ends up on the Christmas tree.

Take stock – Look at all of your decorations and get rid of broken and battered baubles and threadbare tinsel.

Keep only the important decorations – they may not be the most expensive pieces, but they might have sentimental value such as a gift from a child or another special memory. Consider giving away or storing less important decorations.

Start with a theme – Using just one or two colours – red and green, silver and gold, blue and purple. A limited colour palette co-ordinates the display, giving it the designer touch. And if that’s too much, a simple Christmas tree with built in LED lighting could be just the ticket.

Keep it simple – If space is at a premium, you don’t even need a Christmas tree to have a festive display. Like our main picture, simply hanging greenery in the form of a garland or a wreath is enough to hint at the Christmas season. Simply decorating the dining table with a festive centrepiece will put you in the Christmas spirit.

We’ve also found a few other great ideas for apartment living including this deconstructed Christmas tree especially for small apartment living.

And, if you’re looking for a distinctly Australian flavour for Christmas, this article has some lovely suggestions for a modern take on summer Christmas.

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