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Why SSKB is Better

Why SSKB is Better: The Facts

SSKB exists to make a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners, and we do that by offering superb service which is second to none in the industry. Quite simply, we only provide services that make a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners and anything below that standard is unacceptable.

To be the best and to make a positive difference, we do things the SSKB way and the facts speak for themselves!

Facts and research below regarding industry averages are provided by independent strata industry body Strata Community Australia (SCA).

SSKB Community Managers look after fewer bodies corporate than our competitors and have more quality time to spend with each client.

  • The average number of bodies corporate/owners corporations that our community managers look after is 27, excluding General Managers’ portfolios
  • The industry average is 57.3
  • Similar businesses to us have an average of 39.61

SSKB Community Managers have more Administrative Assistants than our competitors: we have more team members ready to serve your community and can offer a superior service.

  • The industry average number of bodies corporate/owners corporation per community manager and administrative assistant is 34
  • Businesses similar to us have an average of 20.54
  • At SSKB our average body corporate/owners corporation per community manager and administrative assistant is just 15.35

SSKB is the only strata management company with a dedicated Client Care Centre Team, ready to answer any question you might have and solve any issue or concern.

  • Currently an average of 190 inward calls a day are managed by SSKB Client Care with around 120 of those calls being dealt with as a one-call-resolution
  • The average number of changes to owners details and change of ownership is between 450-500 each month
  • The average number of certificates for sale and settlement purposes generated each month is around 360

SSKB has a success rate of 99.6 percent in ensuring arrears matters do not progress to legal action, saving owners thousands of dollars in legal fees every time.

  • From July to November 2011 SSKB issued 36,377 levy notices for 643 buildings around Australia, an average of 15 percent of levies were not paid on time and required arrears notices to be distributed
  • However, as a result of the proactive follow-up procedure by the SSKB Levy Management Team only 0.4 percent of the 5,715 debt recovery notices proceeded to become legal matters

SSKB has policies and procedures in place which actively assist to reduce debt in your strata community.

  • A building that SSKB recently gained had $1.2 million in outstanding debt
  • The arrears were reduced to $20,000 in only 90 days

The SSKB Accounts Payable Team process 92.73 percent of properties’ invoices within 24 hours.

  • An internal study saw 99.7 percent of all properties invoices paid within 5 days

The SSKB team has decades of experience

  • Our Community Managers have over 50 years of community management experience
  • Our Senior Community Management team have over 45 years of experience

The SSKB team is officially qualified

  • Our staff have completed over 700 hours of internal training and this number is continually growing
  • All our Team Leaders have obtained the Diploma of Management

Quality Assurance

  • We have 359 published procedures across our group to ensure the highest quality possible in everything we do and provide for our clients


  • We are able to offer a choice of banking facilities with Macquarie Bank and Bendigo Bank
  • Through these partnerships our clients receive the best advice and rates available

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