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What’s In A Name?

No matter what it's called, it will always be home. SSKB looks at building names

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, would by any other name smell as sweet.

It might all be the same to William Shakespeare, but for developers and people who buy apartments, a name is very important indeed.

A name is vital from a marketing perspective. It helps a development stand out from the crowd, it helps the postman find you and, for owners and residents, a name helps create a sense of community.

Besides, it’s rather nice to say that you live at ‘Arcadia Falls’ for instance, instead of the no-name house at boring old number 3.

According to this article from the New York Times, naming a building is a very serious business indeed, with marketing companies holding extensive roundtable discussions and focus groups to find just the right one.

Ms. Frankel of IF Studio likens naming a building to naming a fragrance. “If you wear Chanel No. 5,” she said, “it suggests that you’re a classic and that you’re engaging at the prestige end of the market. It is very much a fantasy and an aspiration.

“When you say Citizen or Georgica,” she added, “certain things are going to come to mind for would-be buyers. A movie starts to play in their heads of how their lives would be, living in such a building.”

The digital age is putting additional demands on those involved in naming buildings. “You have to think about the URL,” said Mr. Kliegerman of Halstead. “You need to think about whether the name can be shortened for a Web or e-mail address.

“What happens when you Google the projected name?” he continued. “You want to make sure it’s sufficiently unique that it’s going to be optimized in a search. Fifteen years ago you wouldn’t have had to think of that.”

A couple of years ago an apartment finder web site in the United States decided it would be interesting to list the most common words found in apartment names on its books.

The top five names turned out to be:
1. Park
2. Village
3. Place
4. Ridge
5. Homes

We thought we’d have a bit of fun here at SSKB and see how our communities tallied up.

And indeed, Park was the single most popular word found in our strata community building names at 4.66%.

But that’s where Australians showed we’re a little bit different to our American counterparts – our top five followed a particular theme:
1. Park
2. Water
3. Beach
4. Bay
5. Village

In fact, the more we looked, the more we found that the most popular names had a connection with the water, the beach and the tropics.

When added together, nearly a quarter (22.15%) of all building managed by SSKB had some kind of connection with water in their names.

Tell us in comments about your favourite (or perhaps most unusual) building name you’ve ever encountered.

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Glyni Cumming On September 23, 2016 | Reply

There’s a block of holiday flats on the beachfront in Yeppoon – years ago I recall it was called “The Gay Vacationer” – but with changing social attitudes towards the lovely word “gay” it became “The Bay Vacationer”.

    SSKB On October 4, 2016 | Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing that story, it’s delightful. 🙂

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