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Silver Asset Services provides bodies corporates with access to industry-leading experience in bulk utilities and supply administration. By adhering to strict quality assurance systems, Silver Asset Services has been able to provide huge cost-savings to their owners, both residentially and commercially.

Silver Asset Services meets the utility (electricity, hot water, chilled water and gas) needs of community title schemes and is staffed by skilled professionals with hands-on utility industry management experience.

Silver Asset Services provides the capability to facilitate bulk utility supply to your complex in a cost-effective manner. By configuring the building for a bulk utility supply, the usage of the individual occupiers as well as the community supply can be combined to obtain substantial cost savings in electricity, hot water, chilled water and gas.

Our services include:
• Assessment of utility design and specifications.
• Arrangement of the installation of the bulk supply and individual unit meters.
• Capital funding to Developers for utility assets on a case by case assessed basis.
• Provision of a bulk utility administration contract.
• Co-ordination with hot water and/or air-conditioning design consultants.
• Ensuring compliance with local supply authority standards.
• Providing the management committee and building manager with information on administration matters.
• Making the initial National Electricity Market or gas tender arrangements on behalf of the body corporate.

For investors in units, savings are seen in lower strata levies by having lower common area utilities costs, and thus a better return on investment. The owner/occupier and residents enjoy the advantage of individual unit consumption costs being considerably lower than the standard tariff rates.

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