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Building Management Group

Building Management Statement (BMS) is not a Body Corporate.

The Building Management Statement (BMS) is a document governed, in Queensland, under the Land Title Act 1994 (section 54A). The BMS is used to integrate various lots together to form a single piece of continuous land. This may include a Body Corporate or Bodies Corporate.

The BMS contains provisions which state how lots can be benefited or burdened by this process. For a BMS to be established, the lots must either be entirely or partly contained in one or more buildings. This can be by containing two or more volumetric format lots, or by containing one or more volumetric format lots and one or more standard format lots.

In layman’s terms, the BMS could integrate two shops together or it may integrate a shop, or group of shops and a Body Corporate together.

A BMS may contain provisions in relation to the establishment and operation of a management group, the imposition and recovery of levies, how levy amounts are to be kept and how levy amounts are to be spent, and dispute resolution.

In comparison, a Body Corporate has statutory requirements under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997. They must have motions passed at Annual General Meetings where all lot owners are entitled to vote.

SSKB have a dedicated Community Specialist performing the management of Building Management Groups. We do not even need to manage your Body Corporate or Owners Corporate to administer your BMS. Should you wish to discuss your BMS, please contact us on (07) 5504 2000 or by email