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Architectural Review Committee

To protect your investment in a building, several strata communities have an Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

The ARC is empowered to ensure that all aspects of construction and landscaping comply with the design guidelines that have been formulated.

Owners or occupants must apply for and obtain ARC approval of plans before seeking certifier/local authority approval.

SSKB can provide your body corporate/owners corporation with a streamlined process to handle your ARC application process. We have established relationships with architects and other technical experts. We take care of the secretarial duties with owners and the Architectural Review Committee.

Applications for an ARC approval may be submitted through SSKB.

The application process normally includes:

1. review and assessment of documentation submitted by the applicant.

2. issue of a request for information, if necessary.

3. issue of an approval, with or without conditions.

SSKB have a dedicated Community Specialist performing Architectural Reviews. We do not even need to manage your Body Corporate or Owners Corporation to administer your ARC.

Should you wish to discuss our application process, please contact our Developer Consulting Team prior to registration of your body corporate/owners corporation on (07) 5504 2015 or by email