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SSKB strata communities have access to a wide range of insurance services due to the formation of a partnership between SSKB and Insurance Aid General Brokers (IAGB).  This partnership allows SSKB strata communities and their member) better service, cheaper premiums, superior claims handling and expert insurance advice.

IAGB are SSKB’s exclusive insurance service provider for our strata communities.  They can supply detailed advice and recommend insurance products that meet the specific needs of each community.

IAGB have access to a large number of insurers and we hope this will reduce premiums for our strata communities.  IAGB staff are also available to attend your community meetings to provide you with face to face advice and assistance. In addition, committee members can liaise directly with the qualified staff at IAGB to obtain insurance advice at their convenience. IAGB can also assist with the private insurance needs of members of SSKB strata communities.

For more information on insurance Aid General Brokers (IAGB), please visit their website: or contact Andrew Hinz on 07 3630 1823.

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