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Star BMS offers building management services
Facility Management

Star BMS delivers a comprehensive and diverse range of professional services including facilities management, project management, construction, landscaping, cleaning and property refurbishments. Star BMS has been the leader in facilities management for over 20 years and provides a superior service to their clients.

Star BMS can provide resources that assist bodies corporate in:
• Facility management
• Project management
• Construction
• Report writing

To properly protect your investment, it is vital that buildings are managed and maintained properly and areas of disrepair are dealt with promptly. The structure of a building, plant and machinery can all deteriorate quickly so it’s important to ensure matters of concern are acted upon quickly. This can also help to prevent unnecessary costs for your community.

Star BMS helps to ensure that:
• All engaged contractors are supervised closely (including cleaners and gardeners)
• All contractors perform to the required standard
• All maintenance matters are attended to promptly
• The property will always be presented in a first class condition
• As well as managing your complex our team of expert report writers can produce a range of reports that are useful tools for bodies corporate.

Star BMS reports includes:
• Sinking Fund Forecasts
• Workplace Health
• Safety Reports
• Insurance Valuations
• Maintenance Schedules & Log Books
• Asbestos and fire compliance reports for our clients.

Are you interested in finding out more about how Star BMS can assist your strata community? Click here to visit their website or phone 07 3252 2720.