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SSKB offers innovative banking solutions for body corporate and owners corporation communities

To better serve our clients, we’re delighted to be able to offer options when it comes to banking requirements through partnerships with two of Australia’s leading banks.

SSKB can provide different structures of banking to suit the varying needs of our communities as well as assist in financial management.

The SSKB team genuinely cares for our communities, so we want to ensure your community has access to a banking solution that meets your needs.

SSKB offer all of our communities a choice of banking options through two of Australia’s leading banks in strata: Bendigo Bank and Macquarie Bank.

Bendigo Bank

Through our 12 year partnership with the Bendigo Bank Chevron Island branch, a “Community Dividend” initiative of 0.15% pa is paid in addition to the competitive interest rates offered to Body Corporate Association’s deposits. To date, combined dividends paid back to SSKB managed Body Corporate Association’s exceeds $1 Million dollars and continues to grow.

In addition to Body Corporate Association banking requirements, the Bendigo Bank Chevron Island branch provides tailor-made lending solutions to SSKB Lot Owner’s and or Investors which includes reduced fees, discounted interest rates, and increased dividend’s back to the Body Corporate Association.

Macquarie Bank

Macquarie Relationship Banking (a division of Macquarie Bank) has specialised in providing financial services to strata managers and their clients for the past 25 years. Their commitment to the industry has lead to the development of innovative products and services, which support their reputation as a market leader.

Macquarie Relationship Banking Benefits include:
• Reduced financial dependence upon existing lot owners to fund upfront large-scale capital works
• Payment solutions to suit most financial situations and rate cycles
• Funds are available quickly and works are not delayed while funds are collected*
• No security taken over lot owners personal assets
• Lump sum contributions throughout the loan term attract no penalty fees
• Potential savings for Owners Corporations by allowing works to be carried out completely with funding (rather than stretched out over a period of time)