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What Happens When A Committee Member Resigns? Vic

What Happens When a Committee Member Resigns

Victoria’s Owners Corporation law is different to Queensland and New South Wales – not every owners corporation needs to have a committee.

Owners corporations with fewer than 13 lots may elect a committee if they choose. If your owners corporation does not have a committee, the lot owners will either have to agree or vote for individual lot owners to carry out any decisions or engage a professional owners corporation manager.

An owners corporation with 13 or more lots must elect a committee at each annual general meeting. Committee members:

  • must be lot owners or hold a proxy for a lot owner
  • once elected, hold office until a new committee is elected.
  • There must not be more than one committee member from any one lot.

So what happens when a committee member resigns before their term has ended?

A committee member may resign for many reasons – the sale of the property, other commitments, even just a need for a change.

Unlike Queensland and New South Wales, an Owners Corporation in Victoria does not need to keep the same number of committee member as were elected during the last annual general

If there is a casual vacancy on a committee, the remaining members of the committee can invite another lot owner or a person holding a proxy for a lot owner to be a member of the committee.

But the vacancy does not have to be filled if three or more members remain on the committee.

If you have any questions about committees, committee positions, voting and casual vacancies, contact your SSKB Community Manager. You will also find useful information here: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/housing/owners-corporations/meetings-and-committees/committees

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