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What Are the Positives of Strata Living?

What Are the Positives of Strata Living?

By Abbie Wilson.

Strata living is becoming increasing popular throughout Australia. For those who have not had the pleasure of living in a strata property, we have created this article to let you know some of the main benefits of living in strata.

I had the pleasure of living in my first strata property 3 years ago. It was an 8 story apartment complex located in West End. When I first moved in it felt like a resort. There was a roof top pool and BBQ facilities. It felt like I was on an overseas vacation.  

Common property areas such as pools, decks, barbecues, cinemas, gyms and entertainment areas are often things you might never have had if you lived in a standalone house. All of these amazing common property areas are provided to residents and their guests with virtually no need to help maintain, everything is done through the Body Corporate / Owners Corporation.  

Having the garden and grounds in your community maintained and well-kept without you having to lift a finger is also another huge positive! No mowing, pruning, weeding or watering is required of you to have your grounds looking lovely, lush and inviting to all. 

Although you are required to keep up with the maintenance of your own lot, all general building issues and the utility infrastructure is maintained by the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation. This means you don’t have to worry about painting, mending, or fixing anything that sits outside the boundaries of your lot. This even extends to smaller tasks such as vacuuming of hallways and entrances and dusting. 

Locality is often a big bonus of strata living as well.  The majority of units in Australia are based around CBD areas or beach locations and are therefore close to shops, public transport, schools and sports. 

The beauty of it is you can go away on holiday and when you return your garden is still maintained; your entertainment areas are all still in tip top shape and all you have to worry about is unpacking your bags. 

Don’t forget – all these wonderful positives of living in a strata community can also help to substantially increase your investment and are really appealing to buyers. 

We would love to hear your thoughts. 

What’s your favourite thing about living in a strata community?

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