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Update on the National Broadband Network

Today the National Broadband Network announced a plan to speed up the roll out of its fixed line network, signing contracts with five companies that aim to streamline the process and have the project completed by 2020. With Australia currently being ranked 44th in the world for internet speed, and OECD statistics indicating that by 2017 a typical household will have 25 internet connected devices, this is welcome news to many Australians that may be frustrated with their current slower internet speeds.

Downer, Transfield, Fulton Hogan, WBHO and Visionstream are the contractors that have secured five year deals that cover construction work across all states and territories. Surprisingly, Telstra was not amongst the companies that secured an agreement with NBN Co, choosing to forego billions of dollars worth of NBN construction contracts after its own alternative set of construction terms were rejected. According to NBN Co, contracts with other suppliers are still under negotiation and are expected to be announced in the near future.

The new contracts aim to revamp the construction process which has been beset with delays and dysfunctions due to large amounts of work being guaranteed to contractors. The new model will see the work load that contractors receive tied to performance benchmarks, essentially pinning the contractors against each other to gain more business from the NBN. This endeavors to not only accelerate the roll out, but improve the quality of the work.

A lucky few are already enjoying the benefit of the super fast NBN, with NBN Co executive chief Bill Morrow stating that by the end of the 2014-2015 financial year, 1 million premises would be serviceable, with around 12,330 new premises being made serviceable every week.

If you’re wondering if your strata scheme is eligible to be connected at present, you can visit the NBN website to find out. To streamline installation of the NBN in strata communities, NBN Co is asking that bodies corporate register their details at nbnco.com.au/mdu. This information will be used to notify you when the rollout is underway in your area and ensure that you’re enjoying the advantages of the National Broadband Network as soon as possible.

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