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Unravelling The BMS Puzzle

Unravelling The BMS Puzzle

If you’re involved in building management of volumetric lots, it’s essential you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know what facilities are shared with the volumetric lots?
  • Are the volumetric lots that share your facilities paying the correct percentage of costs?
  • Does your body corporate manager understand what these costs are?
  • Has your body corporate recovered all applicable costs?

If you answered no to any of these questions then you may be missing crucial income.

Since 1995, SSKB have proven themselves as one of Australia’s industry leaders in the strata management field.

One of their key services is Building Management Statements (BMS), which provide a mechanism for buildings involving body corporate, to assist in the management, rights and responsibilities of shared areas.

The main purpose of a BMS is to identify areas of which the volumetric lots have shared use and provide a tool to manage the reasonable apportionment of costs between all owners.

With decades of experience shaping our established protocols, we understand that each BMS is a unique agreement requiring specialist management from inception through to exceptional financial management and dispute resolution. We ensure that both the person managing the BMS and the representatives of the BMS understand the key elements and budget requirements nominated to avoid potential conflict.

It should be in the interests of any building management or body corporate to maximize income while apportioning correct costs through a fair and transparent system that minimized and manages conflict.

Click here to contact SSKB today to change the way your building operates for the better.

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