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Understanding Body Corporate Insurance – Qld

Even considering an insurance policy is enough to give most people a headache – let alone handling insurance for a multi-storey apartment block.  In Queensland, the Body Corporate and Community Management Act requires the body corporate to insure common property, body corporate assets, public risk and every building which contains an owner’s lot (i.e. an apartment or a unit).

The body corporate’s responsibility when insuring a building depends on how the community titles scheme is registered.  If registered as a Building Format Plan (for example, a multi-storey block of residential units), the body corporate must hold insurance for the full replacement value of each building which contains a lot.  If registered as a Standard Format Plan (mainly schemes which are low-rise developments), such as a townhouse complex, the body corporate must insure each building to its full replacement value where a building on one lot has a common wall with a building on an adjoining lot. If there are no common walls and the structure is free standing, the lot owner is responsible for building insurance.

The body corporate building insurance will cover the full replacement value of the building structure including improvements and fixtures.  The things which should be covered by the body corporate building insurance under Queensland legislation include:

  • Toilets, baths, basins
  • Sinks
  • Cook tops
  • Ducted air conditioners (but not mobile or fixed air conditioners which service a particular lot)
  • Bench tops
  • Built in cupboards
  • Windows and doors
  • Fixed tiling

Owner Occupiers

Unit owners are responsible for all items from the interior paint inwards (minus fixtures and improvements as listed above) as your body corporate will not insure these items:

  • Carpets
  • Light fittings
  • Mobile/fixed air conditioners
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Furniture
  • House hold appliances e.g. dishwashers
  • Valuables and personal equipment

Investment Owners

If an owner has a tenanted unit, it is a good idea to take out a form of landlord’s insurance. This insurance will cover the items owners are responsible for which are not covered by the body corporate’s policy (such as carpets, light fittings, dishwashers, air conditioners), and also usually items such as accidental damage, malicious damage, and loss of rent.


It is encouraged insure contents owned by lot owners within the unit, including:

  • Furniture
  • TVs, computers, DVD players
  • Clothes
  • Jewellery
  • Sports equipment

Body corporate insurance can vary greatly depending upon the requirements of the property.  While SSKB has provided some basic guidelines, we would recommend seeking the advice from professional insurance providers to cater for the needs of your property.

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Recent Comments


Aaron Prasad On January 12, 2018 | Reply


I have recently purchased a new unit in Queensland that has Body Corporate.
I am still unclear of what type of home insurance I should be looking at, as well as what I should be looking to cover in my insurance (therefore giving me an idea of how much to set the insurance value price).


MARGARET On November 28, 2018 | Reply

Are fixed glass shower screens covered by body corporate buildings insurance?
Are owner occupiers of a unit building entitled to receive a copy of the building insurance document that they are covered by?

    Emma Smith On December 21, 2018 | Reply

    Hi Margaret,
    Damage caused to shower screens are covered by Insurance if the damage was caused by an insurable event, ie impact damage, or shattering due to temperature change. If the damage was not caused by an insurable event, such as building movement, then this may not be claimable.

    Our comments above are on the basis that your Unit is located within a Qld Body Corporate which is registered as a Building Format Plan (BFP). If your Body Corporate is a Standard Format Plan (SFP) then the Body Corporate Insurance policy may or may not cover damage to you unit. To verify this you would need to specifically refer to the Body Corporate Insurance policy or the Body Corporate Insurer or Broker.

    To answer your second question – Yes each Owner is entitled to receive a copy of the details of the Body Corporate Insurance policy, including the Product Disclosure Statement.

    We hope this has provided you with some assistance and we welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter or any other Body Corporate matters with you if you require further obligation free advice.

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