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Strata Technology – Time to Trade Up

In today’s fast-moving world, immediate access to information and ease of communication are vital. If I’m travelling somewhere, I pull up Google Maps on my iPhone and see if there are any traffic delays or congestion on my route. If so, I pick another route, or leave at a different time. Accessing real time information and immediate communication helps avoid delays, reduce tension and generally contributes to the smooth running of households, businesses, transport systems and more. Having all the details available at your finger tips can really make a difference.

So is your strata community harnessing all the benefits of technology in regards to its communication?

Effective communication and information dispersal are two of the most important aspects of strata community harmony. And with the majority of people now engaged with smart device technology (even my 80 year old mother-in-law works an iPhone) old fashioned methods of communication or information dissemination may no longer measure up to people’s needs.

While a flyer on the noticeboard in the lobby might advise of upcoming maintenance, do you check it regularly? Would you even know if the flyer had been there if it fell down? Blew away? These older methods of communicating and sharing important information are fallible, costly and slow.

One of our Brisbane bodies corporate demonstrates the value to be gained by effectively harnessing technology for the good of lot owners. This body corporate has a community Twitter account which is actively updated by the chair of the committee with general reminders and notifications. For example, when the building was undergoing major building improvement works, he would tweet relevant information.  Last week, when they had a scheduled power outage, he used Twitter to update residents when the lifts were back online.

It’s easy to see how access to this real time detail could make a difference to lot owners, allowing them to plan ahead and avoid any delays or inconveniences.

Other bodies corporate in our portfolio have intranet sites or Facebook pages for their community. Facebook is useful for strata communities as it is possible to create private pages and closed-off groups to restrict access to lot owners or tenants. As an online noticeboard, Facebook can be used to:

  • Share photos of the body corporate and its facilities ( gym, pool) or recent  improvements
  • Provide contact information for the building manager and body corporate manager
  • Enable booking of facilities
  • Create Events and invite attendees e.g. for AGMs, with location and time details
  • Link information about body corporate community events or forums
  • Post documents for easy dispersal
  • Provide a stream of current, relevant information to owners

Sound good to you?

If you think your strata community could benefit from embracing technology to assist in communication and information dispersal, consider bringing up the topic with your committee. Try mentioning the following points about technology to help your case:

  • It is inexpensive
  • You can save time – the message is disseminated to a wide audience, so it is not necessary to repeat it to all owners individually
  • Messages are clear and comprehensive
  • It can facilitate increased participation in body corporate matters

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