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The SSKB Owners Card

You may already know that SSKB has an online portal dedicated to your community, giving you 24/7 access to your owners corporation / body corporate records.

But did you know that we now offer all lot owners a free business card sized document with all their login details?

The owners card is designed to ensure that lot owners will have convenient t access to their login details when they need it.

The owners card has the following details:

  • Building name and CTS
  • Lot Number
  • Unit Number
  • Contributions Entitlement
  • Website address of your portal
  • Stratamax tech support contact number
  • Your member ID
  • Your StrataPay Ref

At the back of your card, you will find the contact details of your local SSKB Strata Manager.

So what can I access online?

The SSKB Online Portal is split into two levels of access.

As an owner you have access to:

  • Personal Owner information including levy account history
  • Financial Statements for the current year
  • Insurance details for the current policy held
  • Committee and General Meeting Minutes and Agendas.
  • Community Management Statement (CMS) / By-Laws + Exclusive Use
  • Sinking Fund Report
  • Asset Register – list of Body Corporate assets
  • Submit changes of address / update their details
  • Obtain a certificate of currency (chargeable)

Committee members have access to:

  • Invoice Activity Report – Report detailing all invoices and whether paid or not
  • Aged Balance List
  • Monthly Status Report – This is a monthly report generated at the end of the first week of the wollowing month and includes al activity for the building. The report includes details of:
    • all cheques and EFT’s drawn,
    • all receipts and payments including bank charges etc. for the month.
    • Bank account details such as the balance of the account, un-presented cheques and credits and total funds available are also included.
    • Any details of roll changes such as updated address details and changes of ownerships are also included.

For those committee members who like to check on transactions each month, this report is invaluable as the reports stay online continuously for a given 12 month period.
To ensure relevance and accuracy, the SSKB online portal is updated nightly.
Please follow this link to order your free Owner’s Card.

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Veronica rees On January 6, 2015 | Reply

Would like to request an owners card for lot 3.
Please advise what action required .
Thanks veronica

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