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The Role Of A Body Corporate Manager

There are two parts to the role of a Body Corporate Manager: the process and the people. While some might argue that the processes a Body Corporate Manager deals with are the most important part of the job, let me tell you why I think it is the people who are the imperative part.


A Body Corporate Manager is engaged essentially, to attend to the legislative requirements placed on a Body Corporate under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (1997). This generally entails the following processes:

  • Call, attend, and record the Annual General Meeting each year;
  • Prepare draft budgets and issue levy notices throughout the year;
  • Pay Body Corporate creditor invoices;
  • Generally maintain and report on the financial accounts of the Body Corporate;
  • Generally maintain the rolls and registers of the Body Corporate, including owners’ details;
  • Effect the common property insurance;
  • Issue contravention notices;
  • Provide general advice and guidance to Committee Members and Lot Owners on matters relating to their Body Corporate.

While the above tasks are all required of a Body Corporate Manager, it’s important to remember that the Body Corporate Manager cannot act without instructions from the Committee.

For example, it would be presumptuous for the Body Corporate Manager to pay all bills it receives without some form of authority from the Committee to do so. This might come in various shapes or sizes depending on your Committee; for example, you may give your Body Corporate Manager authority to pay all electricity bills immediately, while all other bills need to first be signed off by a Committee Member.

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ answer, so the important thing is that your Body Corporate Manager relies on instructions from the Committee to properly carry out their role at all times.


Even while the above tasks are important – in fact, crucial and required by law – adherence to process is not what makes a great Body Corporate Manager.

Don’t get me wrong – effective processes that ensure a Body Corporate is compliant with legislative requirements is paramount, and we have outstanding policies and procedures to ensure that we don’t miss a thing, but do you want a mere paper-pusher for your Body Corporate Manager?

People are at the very core of what we as Body Corporate Managers do. In fact, the legislation that governs us speaks to that itself; it is called the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (1997).

What’s a community all about?

Bingo: people.

And that’s why at SSKB we call our Body Corporate Managers, Community Managers – because that’s exactly what they do: manage communities of people.

A Community Manager will not only be able to ensure you’re compliant and follow the required processes, but will also have a focus on the bigger picture: the people that make up your Body Corporate – your Community.

A Community Manager will be empathetic, and be capable of showing understanding, kindness, and compassion when attending to the myriad of requests or issues that arise throughout the normal operation of a community, filled with numerous people of different demographics, races, and value systems.

A Community Manager will show excellent attentiveness, have the ability to really listen to concerns, and apply an understanding to assist in resolving the issues.

A Community Manager will appreciate the volunteer nature of Committee positions, the extra work that is required by these members of the community and seek to provide the relevant assistance to support these members.

If you are fortunate enough to have a Community Manager that is focused on people over process, you will know the benefits of having someone on your team who cares enough to listen, guide, empathise, advise, and assist. And with the backing of a national company like SSKB, we will always ensure that your processes are taken care of without question. Every details matters.

To ensure you, our clients, are always compliant, Body Corporate Managers must be process-focussed; but just remember that at SSKB, we are Community Managers, and will always be people-driven.

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