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SSKB offers a wide range of services within the strata industry to make a positive difference in your community.

To find out how SSKB has made a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners, please view the selection of testimonials below.


Secretary/Treasurer of DoubleOne Body Corporate

“As Secretary/Treasurer of DoubleOne3 Body Corporate, Teneriffe (a scheme of 111 Lots), I have the need for frequent contact with our SSKB body corporate management team. My enquiries are responded to promptly and all directions are carried out efficiently and effectively. The service we receive is highly personalised, which is very important to me, as the right support for persons in effect volunteering their time to a body corporate committee provides all members with the confidence required to continue in their roles. I do not hesitate in recommending SSKB to be considered for your body corporate managers.”

Chairperson and BMS representative of Festival Towers

“As Chairperson and BMS representative of Festival Towers, which is a 403 Lot building, I have found SSKB to be highly proficient in the management of the residential scheme as well as the BMS. SSKB consistently provide Festival Towers with proactive and knowledgeable advice as well as recommendations to the Committee based on their many years of expertise managing similar bodies corporate. SSKB through their arrears management process have been able to consistently maintain minimal arrears at Festival Towers, meaning that levies are struck and collected without delay and the Body Corporate has sufficient funds to meet its expenditure and can maximise any investment opportunities. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of SSKB to other bodies corporate.”

Building Manager of Soda South Brisbane

“As the Building Manager of Soda South Brisbane (residential sector), The Laneway South Brisbane (retail sector) and my involvement with the BMS, I have been requested to write a review of SSKB’s services to our Body Corporate. SSKB demonstrate how far customer service and industry expertise can take a Body Corporate. Through SSKB’s management, the Body Corporate achieve nil arrears across all Lots and SSKB assists with a number of common property improvements. Through outstanding financial management, the Body Corporate maximises their investment opportunities with several layers of term deposits. With recommendations of qualified Contractors and access to affiliated companies, Building Defects and Cladding requirements continue to be met with ease. Should you wish to discuss with me further about how SSKB services our Body Corporate, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0498 880 980.”

Case study/testimonials:

South East Village Ridges
South East Village Ridges – Noel Loaney
In the Estate Body Corporate at Peregian Springs of some 250 houses (SE Village Ridges CTS 46052) incorporating around 350 residences, both duplex and dual key, I have personally found SSKB generally and Brendan Edwards and Rachael Chapman specifically to be very helpful and guiding to a young owner-committee majority on our Subsidiary Body Corporate.