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Strata Managers Hold A Wealth Of Information

SSKB strata managers hold a wealth of knowledge helpful to building managers

In a previous article, we have focused on some of the important duties which a Resident Unit Manager must undertake to successfully fulfil their role.

And while these duties cover a wide range of areas, there is one relationship which can make fulfilling these tasks and duties as a RUM much smoother, and that is with the body corporate manager.

As a building, facility or resident unit manager, or as a caretaker, your relationship with the body corporate manager forms a massive part of your team.  They are experts on their facilities, and the processes of body corporate management.

The body corporate manager’s knowledge is an excellent resource for ensuring your communications are structured and delivered in the correct way.  They are very useful when it comes to discussing protocol, particularly with relation to taking up matters with committees or lot owners.  For instance, if you had a query on how a building manager might go about communicating formally with the committee or the body corporate on a certain matter, your body corporate manager would be your first port of call for an answer.

Even though your goal might be communicating with a body corporate committee member, it is a good idea to include the body corporate manager in these communications.  Keeping the body corporate manager in the loop can ensure all necessary communications are documented properly for future reference.  Working through issues with the body corporate manager also ensures they are aware of what is happening on the property, which also allows them to be on hand to ensure work is carried out.

Body corporate managers can be a gold mine of information.  Many have a long association with their respective body corporate, and as such they should be your go-to person for all kinds of information required for running your property.  This includes budgeting, meeting dates, how much money is in the sinking fund and how much money is to be spent on items.  As a RUM, trying to work out what work may have been undertaken on the property can be tricky.  However the body corporate manager, as well as having a good awareness of prior work at a property, can also provide contracts for works and services.

For example, if after a meeting you received the minutes from the body corporate manager and required any clarification on them, the body corporate manager is the person you need to seek clarification from.  This is especially if action or works are to be undertaken – RUMs must ensure they understand exactly what was discussed and where to go with it consequently.

Maintaining a good relationship with your body corporate manager is something which can be greatly advantageous.  While many body corporate managers are always willing to share friendly advice where it asked for, and a really good body corporate manager will also give you the heads up if they see things need to be done in a particular way.  This can make running a body corporate a much smoother process, which is to the benefit of all involved parties.

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