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Strata FAQ: Who’s Responsible? Qld

SSKB recommends body corporate and woenrs corporation committees scheduling important safety inspections

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In a strata community whose responsibility is it to arrange for safety and compliance inspections.

I’m talking about things like: asbestos inspections, fire appliance inspections, swimming pool inspections, safety inspections, electrical inspections.

How often should these inspections take place?

It is the Body Corporate’s responsibility to arrange safety and compliance inspections, as they are the owner of the property. However your SSKB strata manager in conjunction with the building manager (where there is one) source quotes and the building manager facilitates and liaises with the service contractors onsite.

  • Asbestos – Check for its presence once in buildings built prior to 1/1/2004. If it is present:
    • Prepare an asbestos register.
    • Prepare an asbestos management plan and review it at least once every 5 years.
  • Fire Inspections – varies depending on the equipment, some inspections require monthly, some 3 monthly, some 6 monthly, some yearly, some 3 yearly, some 5 yearly. We recommend our communities have a building maintenance schedule to ensure this work is performed correctly and when due.
  • Swimming Pool – yearly
  • WHS – the legislation does not require that the Body Corporate to get an inspection at all, but it is the BC responsibility to make the common area and the property safe for guests, owners contractors etc. and we recommend that they get a WHS report done every year.
  • Electrical inspections – the common area safety switches are required to be tested every 2 years by a qualified electrician and checked every 12 months by a responsible person, such as the Building manager or a Committee member etc.

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