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Strata FAQ: Who’s Responsible? NSW

SSKB recommends body corporate and woenrs corporation committees scheduling important safety inspections

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In a strata community whose responsibility is it to arrange for safety and compliance inspections.

I’m talking about things like: asbestos inspections, fire appliance inspections, swimming pool inspections, safety inspections, electrical inspections.

How often should these inspections take place?

The Owners Corporation – all the owners who own a lot with the strata plan – is responsible for the maintenance of the scheme ant that includes safety and compliance inspections. It can be a big job, but your community manager assist with obtaining quotes and issuing instructions to contractors, etc.

Inspections that relate to the good condition of a building and its amenities – asbestos inspections, fire appliance inspections, swimming pool inspections, safety inspections, electrical inspections, etc are the responsibility of the Owners Corporation.

SSKB takes a proactive approach and advises the Owners Corporations/Executive Committee if these items are applicable to their schemes and when they should be performed. Then we can, at the OC’s request, obtain quotes and issue instructions to the relevant contractors.

The frequency of inspections depends on the item.

  • Asbestos is every 4 years or whenever there is a change to the scheme, i.e. replacement of the fascias etc.
  • Fire Safety Installations, depends on the item. Smoke are alarms for 6 monthly, etc and then in NSW a Fire Safety Statement must be obtained annually.
  • Pool Inspections are every three years in NSW
  • Safety Inspections are only legislatively required if there is a business being run either within a lot or from Common Property however we recommend that OC’s have them done as they still have an obligation to maintain the common property
  • Electrical inspections are recommended every two years.

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