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Strata FAQ: Insurance Certificates

Insurance Certificate of Currency will soon be available through StrataMax for SSKB Strata Management clients

My strata community charges an annual fee for insurance on the lot as an apportion of the insurance taken out by them.

Are they obliged to provide a copy of any that an insurer would normally provide, such as Insurance Certificate, Production Disclosure / Policy Documentation or Claims Documentation?

 Even if they are not obliged, I would like a copy of this information for my own records.

Certificate of currencies are required by owners from time to time for various personal reasons and not as a normal matter relating to the insurance cover for the building.

While there is an obligation to have strata insurance, there is no specific legislative requirement to supply a copy of a certificate of currency to lot owners.  Insurance Certificate of Currencies are available to lot owners on the StrataMax portal.

As part of our commitment to providing outstanding service, SSKB will  be making Product Disclosure Statements (PDS)  available on the StrataMax portal as the policy is renewed or as requested by the committee. These will be available at no charge.

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