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Statutory Compliance

You can now order a free hardcopy of “Tim Sheehan and Paul Wood’s Guide to Statutory Compliance” from the SSKB website.

Committee members volunteer their time to serve the community and, although committee members are often highly resourceful, it is not fair to expect them to be experts in all topics relating to strata.

However, committees are charged with huge amounts of responsibility and they make significant decisions to ensure the long-term wellbeing of the community titles scheme.

Shouldering the responsibility of the body corporate’s statutory obligations can be tough and staying updated on all legislation is a daunting endless process.

This is a guide to the statutory compliance issues that face committee members. It is designed to be clear and simple, so that you can feel confident in your responsibilities. Its aim is to protect lot owners and the committee, by informing you of statutory issues you need to be aware of and compliant with.


Statutory compliance is more than compliance with the relevant body corporate Act, such as the Body Corporate and Community Management Act of Queensland. There are many other pieces of legislation that a committee member should have aware of, in order to cover statutory compliance. At SSKB, we make a positive difference by guiding you through the minefield of legislation.

We hope that by providing you with an overview of your obligations, breaking the issues down and pointing you to those who may help, we can make a positive difference in your lives.

You can order your free hardcopy of the guide here.


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norm garsden On June 12, 2014 | Reply


Your email indicated that I could order a free hardcopy of “Tim Sheehan and Paul Wood’s Guide to Statutory Compliance” from the SSKB website, but I could not find any reference on the website.


SSKB On June 12, 2014 | Reply

Hi Norm,
Thank you for your interest. There is a link at the bottom of the article leading to the request form. You can also find the request form via the link below.
Kind regards,
The SSKB team

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